Your Newest Gaming Neccesity: Dice Rings

For all you card and tabletop gamers out there this is the thing for you. Tabletop gamers: Are you tired of your die rolling off the table? What about moving your tokens around on the D&D map or other tabletop game your playing? If you answered yes to any of these than continue reading! If you answered no, keep reading anyways!

Card gamers: Do you need a way to figure out who goes first in Magic, or Yu-Gi-Oh or Boss Monster or any other game like it? Do you need a counter to figure out how strong your creature is? Do you need a life counter but don’t want to use a spin down die? This is for you!

Dice Rings by CritSuccess are a cool and new item to the gaming market. For those of you curious enough to have read up to this point I present to you the answer of what are dice rings. Dice rings are a combination of dice and spinner rings. They have all sorts of different rings, if you’re interested they are running a Kickstarter campaign and have way surpassed their funding goal.






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