Xbox E3 2015 Media Briefing and Press Conference!

Ah E3, one of the worst times of the year for the gaming community. Almost as bad as Steam’s annual Summer and Winter sales. Yes, I mean that it’s the worst time because WE WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING YOU ARE SHOWING US RIGHT NOW! GIVE IT TO US! I mean uh….


Again held at The Galen Center in Downtown Los Angeles, Microsoft bathed the room and the attendees to an extent, in a green spotlights. The briefing this year started off with a pretty big bang as Microsoft unveiled gameplay footage from various games including Halo 5: Guardians and the new GoW.


To gain entrance once your barcode had been scanned you had to have this weird necklace thingy that lit up during the show, it was kind of nifty and definitely makes for an awesome thing to hand from my rearview in my car. Three is a good luck charm right? I have a Providence Lanyard, my grandfather’s WWII dog tag and now this years Xbox light up thingy. On your way out you got an exclusive Xbox E3 briefing metal cloisonne pin.


At about 9:30AM Bonnie Ross took the stage to welcome everyone. “In 2015 were delivering the greatest games lineup in Xbox history.” said Ross. This year expect to see a lot of new indie games, and blockbusters coming to the Xbox One.


To no one’s surprise the first blockbuster title they announced was Halo 5: Guardians; which Ross tells us has “been built from the ground up for Xbox One.” After the reveal was made, they showed us some cinematics as well as some gameplay footage and I must say, this game did not disappoint! I’ve never been a huge fan of Xbox or of Halo but the footage they showed us makes me want to go out and buy both! (By the way, just because I’m not a huge Halo doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re great games.)


Following Ms. Ross’ very strong opening Josh Holmes took the stage to tell us a little bit more about H5. He said that it has “the greatest campaign in Halo history” and that it’s “built for cooperative Drop-in/drop-out multiplayer.”


Now Halo is generally a tough act to follow but they did it with flying colors by revealing a game from the makers of “Metroid Prime” and Keiji Inafune! Ladies and gentleman, welcome “ReCore” “ReCore” is an exclusive new first party franchise for Xbox One which looks like it will be a lot of fun and maybe even become a blockbuster title down the line.


Perhaps one of the biggest announcements made at the press conference was that this Holiday 2015 Xbox One will now be backwards compatible with Xbox 360! Digital 360 games will start showing up in your library and you will not be charged to play games that you already own! In addition to this announcement made by Phil Specter,


It was also announced by another member of the Microsoft team that Xbox One and Xbox 360 will have cross platform multiplayer with each other! That’s a huge breakthrough and their competitors, to my knowledge, don’t have such a thing.


(There was a lot covered at the event so here are the last highlights in my professional opinion.)


When Todd Howard of Bethesda took the stage to announce Fallout 4 I had no idea he would be appeasing the gaming gods like he did. With Fallout 4 mods created on PC they can be shared, played, and transferred to and between Xbox One’s for free. In addition to console mod support there will be a second screen experience for the Pip Boy in F4 using your smartphone!

Lastly, I’m going to briefly tell you about what Mojang and Microsoft have been working on with the Holo Lens.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, Saxs Persson was playing minecraft in a totally new way, in Virtual Reality. The HoloLens has a version of minecraft built specially for it. In this version you can control the world with your voice, and hands. You can move it around as you please, whether that be up, down or side to side. Lastly, but not least you can have the world projected in 3D onto almost any surface and see the hologram. It’s freaking amazing.

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