Trailer: Sly Cooper Movie coming in 2016!

One of Playstation’s greatest stars is coming to the big screen in two years. Sly Cooper is one of the few titles being released from SCE towards the big screen, with Rachet and Clank coming to us first in the year of 2015, it’s actually looking pretty cool.

Kevin Munroe, the director of the TMNT movie that was released in 2007 will also be directing Sly Cooper as well. If you haven’t known yet, he’s also going to be directing Rachet and Clack for its 2015 debut. As of now, Mr. Munroe is going to be partnered up with animation studio: Rainmaker, the people responsible for the art style of TMNT back in 2007.

The Sly Cooper movie is going to be a prequel and according to SCE, it will answer the origins of Sly Cooper.

The games are good, but would you watch one of your favorite thieves with out controlling them?

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