The Wii U Experience in Los Angeles

Friday I had the Wii U Experience in Los Angeles and oh my god, I did not expect to be this satisfied. I knew it would be amazing but this was a whole new level.

The gamepad, which everyone (myself included) expected to be clunky and awkward, turns out is really light-weight and the button placement was perfect! Now onto the games:

ZombiiU‘s multiplayer mode has to be one of the best games ever made and I only played for about 15 minutes. The humans play a first person shooter, while the one controlling the zombies plays it like a real-time strategy. Such a great genre blender!

Pikmin 3, I only got to watch someone play and I only saw for about a minute, but I saw the new “Rock Pikmin” which can be used to destroy obstacles, so that’s pretty cool.

Super Mario Bros U is very fluid and plays like a classic Super Mario World upgraded to the modern day gaming engine of New Super Mario Bros for the DS.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is deliciously bloody, although due to a glitch the game ended in the middle of me killing… some enemy, I didn’t eveven know what it was, I just loved killing it, haha.

All in all, I found the Wii U Experience to be nearly perfect, I just wish I got to play Arkham City as well as ZombiiU‘s single player mode. Also, the venue could’ve been a bit larger, as at times it felt a tad bit overpacked.

Nintendo, I know you aren’t reading this, but in the event that you are, I have only one thing to say about the Wii U:

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