“The Steve Jobs patent” Invalid?!

According to patent expert Florian Mueller the infamous multi touch patent AKA the “Steve Jobs patent” that is the heart of iOS devices everywhere may be invalid. Earlier today the US Patent and Trademark Office aka the USPTO filed a first Office action against this patent (#7,479,949) temporarily ruling it invalid. Apple has about two months to prove that it is valid before a final decision is made.

If patent ‘949 is ruled invalid it could forever change the touch screen device market. For those who are unsure about what multi-touch really has to do with iOS devices here is a short list:

– Scrolling
– Games that require you to use more than one finger at a time
– Swiping with four fingers up on your iPads to reveal multitasking
– Zooming in and out(Yup! Pinch to zoom is multi-touch!)

Now you know how crucial this patent is. Many media outlets are covering this story and we will update you guys as we here at My Geek Review know more. Until then worry not your iPhones aren’t going anywhere.

-Sam Green

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