Review: The Irregular at Magic High School

Netflix Description:Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll at Magic High School, where Miyuki’s honors status comes between her and her underachiving older brother.

The anime is currently released as Season 1 for Netflix as well as online sites like

This season includes the introduction of the siblings and their relationship throughout Magic High School. Magic High School is separated, not only by grade, but between “Weeds” and “Blooms”. Weed is a disrespectful way to call a course two, or irregular, student of Magic HS. These students are still learning proper skills and how to utilize their Magic and wield magical weapons. Blooms are students who are excelling, or honor students of the high school.


This season is divided into three story lines: Enrollment, Nine Schools Competition, and Yokohama Disturbance. Each has its own episodes’ list (between 7 and 11 episodes a story). Each story, is compelling and able to stand, more or less, on its own.


Enrollment (7): This story explains their introduction and the trouble the two siblings are faced with at Magic HS. It addresses segregation, skill set, and disrespect within the magical community.

Nine Schools Competition (11): Tatsuya and Miyuki (the siblings) become a part of the interschool competition. The Magic HS that they attend is known as Magic HS 1 and must compete for titles with the other eight schools. SPOILERS: bookies are attacking contestants and Tatsuya must step in and stop it.

Yokohama Disturbance (8): An organization is attempting to bring down magic using the research of alchemy from the Nine Schools’ Thesis Competition. If the previous Nine Schools Competition was a “warriors’ battle” this cane be described as a “writers’ battle”.


I would recommend this to both males and females who are interested in anime. It’s an adventure and comedy type of anime. However, it also has enough romance set in to satisfy most viewers.

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