Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gets very touchy


I remember a time where this game literally shook the foundation of the next-gen systems of the old. The birth of the Xbox more than ten years ago made this game possible, and now we are seeing its revival though our touch devices! Man, how technology has advanced! So hold on to your blasters and unleash your lightsaber, the Knights of the Old Republic are coming back!

Presentation: 9.0

Right off the bat, the first thing you’re going to notice is the fact that this game is ported extremely well. Animations, character models, even the complete voice acting is present in the game. Believe us when we say that the fact that it is running on an iPad is amazing. Though not as good looking as the console version, it still looks stunning on the vibrant retina display. The game also feels smooth, we were concerned when they released it on the App Store since we thought it would be a watered down version or it would cause a bad gameplay experience since this is a huge game in terms of its scale, but there wasn’t any sacrifices. Gameplay feels smooth and combat feels much more natural on the touch screen rather than the console (yes, we replayed it to see the difference) since the initial interface of the game looks like it was meant for the touchscreen.

Thee biggest part of the game was the ability of your character to connect with other characters in the game, this means that dialogue won’t cut it by itself, we needed the characters to feel like they can come alive. Almost throughout the whole game, the original voice acting is still intact. One of the negative things about the game is that the dialogue cuts off during some explanations on how the game works on the touch screen, but it’s clear why they had to omit that out.

Story is what makes this game extremely appealing. Your journey of becoming either a Jedi or a Sith is an epic one. You’ll find yourself helping the outcasts and even battling other Sith warriors. Through out the adventure, your team will be immersing you in the world of Star Wars. Every move you do and every decision or dialogue you make, your team will always have something to say, they’ll even put you on the spot for tough decisions. In some cases they can be of some help in certain situations where you can use their skills or they’ll take part in a conversation where it can affect the outcome of how certain situations you might find yourself in.


Design: 8.0/10

The initial interface of the game was already made for the touchscreen at the get-go. As we’ve said before, navigation around menus and selecting your loadouts and weapons is a simple breeze now since all you have to do is touch to explore the countless menus. The tutorial helps, but be prepared to be bombarded with countless amounts of on screen texts at the beginning of the game. The number of tweaks you can do to your character is staggering and it affects how you actually play. The difference, whether you want to be an expert security hacker or a specialist in repairs is staggering. There are a lot of specialties in the game and more so on the skills you can bring into battle.

The one huge negative thing about the touchscreen interface is how they integrated movement. Swiping left and right for the camera is great and all, but the fact that we had to swipe upwards and hold for the character to move becomes extremely complicated and annoying. It would’ve been awesome if they have somehow made a virtual joystick or better yet, the simple touch-and-go for the character would’ve worked perfectly. Luckily, you can pause the game during battle encounters to think about the next move of your characters when things get heated. The other thing is selecting certain things in the environment, it becomes a hassle when we had to look around and accidentally open a random door or crate. It gets even harder with the fact that you have to swipe to move…IT’S VERY IRRITATING!


Fun Factor: 9.5/10

The game is something to experience when you haven’t done so already. There’s a reason why the acronym: KOTOR is very synonymous in the world of Star Wars, it is because this is an epic game. Gameplay is highly addicting, specially when battles take place. During the whole game, you’ll be accompanied by two mates all the way and there are a number of them to choose from since you’ll be encountering them. Depending on the team you choose, abilities differ and so does your gaming experience in terms of how the story is told. Certain decisions you make will also affect the storyline and the morality of your character. Should you become a Jedi and be the symbol of hope the galaxy needs or do you join the darkside and take down the Sith to prove that you’re the greater evil of the two? That really depends up to you.

During combat, your character automatically attacks with their default action just by simply touching enemies. There’s a bar at the bottom where you can queue in attacks and your character acts it out in order. You may also issue it to your squad-mates as well by touching their panel and making them the squad leader (basically, whoever you control is squad leader). Battles look really cool to watch, specially when you finally have a lightsaber. We dare you to go back to back to a blaster and stick with it. WE DARE YOU…


Though the biggest reason you’ll be coming back for is the dialogue and there are a lot of them, simply interacting with your teammates really brings you in the world of Star Wars. You’ll find yourself listening to their stories, hear them tell you their darkest secrets and even give you an advice of what to do next.

Final Score: 9.0/10

This game needs to be added in your collection of games on your iPad. If you’re the type to go all hardcore on a game and wished the App Store had some, well this is it. Some small issues with controls are present, but it doesn’t hinder your experience overall. Simply put, this is a must have game and everyone needs a journey once in a while in a galaxy far, far away.

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