Review: Sleepy Hollow (Paradise Lost)

Hi All!! Sleepy Hollow FINALLY returned!

I’m not going into full detail but there will be spoilers!

As you know, in the previous episode, the Demon Moloch was defeated by Henry – the Horseman of War. In this episode we begin soon after with everyone waking in a daze and attempting to find one another. Katrina, of course, is alarmed when Henry is nowhere to be found.

henry kills


It appears that the world has returned to normal. However, Crane and Katrina are not living together; he continues to look for signs of Hell returning and, unfortunately, succeeds. A rotting, brimstone scented, organic apple at the supermarket is the ticket to finding a horde of demons. These lower level demons are looking for the Horseman of Death to swear allegiance to. Much to the demons’ horror, however, the Witnesses are joined by Orion – an angel sent to purgatory approximately 200 years ago.


Now that we have the basis out-of-the-way, OMG the episode. The beginning was melancholy with open-ended questions like, “what now?” It’s amusing to ponder what would have occurred if the war was truly over. What would happen to Abraham? Would the Witnesses remain together? The sheer list that Abby rattles off about new things Crane would need is enough to make anyone’s head spin.


There’s also the trouble in Happy Marriage Land. Katrina, of course, is as stubborn as ever. Never mess with a witch, right? Abby doubts Katrina because she thinks Katrina is foolishly persuaded only by her own emotions and whims. However, this is not out of the ordinary because always Katrina gets her way. Katrina always has the upper hand since she knows more and was part of the plan before it was carried out. It begets the question, is Katrina friend or foe? After all, if we’re getting Biblical, it was the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that sentenced Adam and Eve to Earth. Although it can be seen as controversial, I believe this episode attempts to convey that too much knowledge is a force of evil.

katrinaThe episode ended happily. Orion was defeated because Crane chose to save Abraham by wielding the Axe of the Horseman of Death. Hawley and Jenny played their parts in showing us how time had flown, as well as, where the lower level demons and Abraham hid. Katrina saved Crane from Abraham just in time but there’s much left to be desired.


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