Review: Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga

So, Hinduism reared its head! Score for eastern qualities resurfacing!!

We are taken in by a Vetala! Turns out, it was Hawley’s aunt to help her invade Knox’s house, yes Ft. Knox, Knox!


Carmilla Pines, a treasure hunter who raised Hawley, has been looking for him for nearly a decade. Supposedly, when Hawley had disappeared off to India, Carmilla had followed him to keep her “family” close.



While in India she was somehow caught and converted into a monster. She forces Hawley to help “save” her by helping her find the Bajrayogini’s statue of Kali.  She wants them to break into the Knox estate during one of Theodore Knox’s famous blackmarket trading night. The item she breaks into Knox’s house for is, in fact, what will turn Hawley into the monster she is.


Luckily, Crane and Abbie aren’t on proper speaking terms and sneak in with Jenny. Hawley decides to betray them to save them. Unfortunately, his friends won’t hear his pleas. When he finds them he locks Jenny into a closet and the witnesses into a death trap. The worst bit? The walls are closing in and they have no Star Wars robot to save them!


This episode ends with Hawley’s ass being saved, yet again, by the witnesses. Turns out the Vetala’s  weakness is both iron and fire combined. Hawley isn’t able to kill Carmilla, I wonder if we’ll see her next episode!


Of course, the lesson here is for Abbie and Crane to realize that communication is absolutely necessary. The theme resounds even with Hawley and Jenny; their semi existent relationship seems to be getting more complicated as the series continues.


Hawley, self pitying and destructive, decides to hunt down Carmilla. As he disappears, we see Crane and Abbie attempting Karoke… oh the songs!

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