Review: Sausage Party

Speaking of movies that deserve an R-rating, Sausage Party has made records as the first computer animated film to receive that rating—and for good reasons too. This Seth Rogen food flick has horrified and amused audiences with its content. While most people are used to seeing all these cute and innocent computer generated films made just for kids, they probably weren’t expecting this. It’s something completely different, but is it as (ahem) fresh as one might think?

Sausage Party features Seth Rogen as a talking hot dog. I think you already know what you’re in for with that description but let me go on. He learns the truth of what people do with food and it changes his view on them forever. The whole movie is basically Toy Story for adults. It takes Disney and Pixar movies and injects them with heroin.

I was waiting for a movie like this to be made. I was sick to death of all animated films these days being made just for kids and wanted to see something different. I don’t think animation should be aimed at just kids. Animation is something that takes place in its own world where anything can happen, so why not try new things with it? I don’t think Seth Rogen is the best comedy writer of our time, but his humor seems like what movies like these needed.The characters aren’t memorable, I would say, but strangely enough, it just might have you cheering for a talking sausage and bun.

The film is a bit like the Lego movie: It looks ridiculous, but between all the weird shit that happens, there’s a message behind all of it. I don’t want to give away exactly what message it gives, but I will say that the Lego movie conveyed its message a lot better. But as you all know, it’s a Seth Rogen comedy that features food having sex. What do you expect from it? I think the real message to it should be, “you better eat food, before food eats you”.

Like a lot of Seth’s other comedies, it’s violent and immature. It has a lot of racist humor and literally features a talking douche as a villain. So yeah, it’s pretty batshit insane. However, if you like his humor or just want a few shits and giggles, you might like to check it out. If you want to see something totally new that hasn’t been done in CG animation on the big screen, you’re in for a real treat. I didn’t laugh at it as much as I thought I would, but it definitely has no limitations for itself, which I can respect.

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