Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ep 5-6

Written By: Emma Smith


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal episode 5 and 6


The title is Act 5: Makoto-Sailor Jupiter. Usagi and Luna are walking in the rain. Just as Usagi is about to be hit by a car, Makoto pushes her out of the way. Usagi accidently bumps into Makoto during school (and they realize they attend the same one). Makoto is a transfer student and rumored to have incredible strength. People believe Makoto transferred because she got kicked out of her previous school after fighting with a student. Makoto seems intimidating or scary to others.  Depite that, Usagi thinks Makoto’s bento lunch looks good. Makoto allows her to have some of her food and Usagi loves it.  (This is the moment when Usagi befriends Makoto.) It turns out Makoto can not just cook, she can also sew! She even reveals that she lives by herself. Usagi shows her the arcade and Makoto tries the Sailor V game. Usagi dubs Makoto: “Mako-chan”.


There is a rumor that a Bridal shop is cursed and a mannequin or bride ghost walks around and seduces men. Grooms are supposedly disappearing. Usagi, Ami, and Rei decide to check out the incident after Makoto decides to head home. We see the mannequin come to life, how creepy, and Makoto gets seduced by a possessed Motoki.


I thought it was hilarious when Rei said she doesn’t trust men. I love that the episode values love. Usagi even says it’s not foolish to love someone. This was such a sweet episode.


As Usagi wakes from a dream, Tuxedo Mask is beside her, at her window, which proves  he knows Usagi is Sailor Moon. Usagi leaves with him alarming Luna. Usagi arrives as  Makoto’s energy is taken by the possessed Motoki. Usagi, Ami, and Rei transform into the Inner Guardians and the evil mannequin turns out to be a plot of Nephrites.


Makoto feels heartbroken when she finds out she was tricked and Motoki didn’t really love her. Then, we see Makoto’s flashbacks. She was in love with an upperclassman in her previous school who broke her heart when he told her he had a girlfriend already. Nephrite tells her that she is a fool to believe in love and Makoto believes it.

Sailor Moon snaps her out of it by saying “Loving someone is not a foolish thing to do!” She says she believes in love and that everyone has someone they are destined to be with.  She believes that someday she’ll meet someone she loves from the bottom of her heart. Nephrite strikes at the Sailor Guardians and Makoto gets mad and throws the mannequin off her reprising her roll as a total badass. The Jupiter symbol on her head reveals she is a Sailor Guardian also. Luna gives Makoto her transformation stick and we see Makoto transform into Sailor Jupiter for the first time. Sailor Jupiter uses the attack Flower Hurricane and Jupiter Thunderbolt against the evil mannequin. Nephrite flees and Mako-chan has saved the day! Jupiter tells the others that she left her previous school because an upperclassman she was in love with broke her heart. Luna appoints Sailor Moon as the leader and gives her the moon stick. It looks so cool in Crystal.


Act 6: Tuxedo Mask starts with Luna telling Sailor Moon to use the moon stick to defeat the enemy. Mamoru wakes from a dream that is exactly the same dreams of their past life as Usagi’s. Mamoru wants to know who is this woman calling him in his dreams is. Usagi has the same dream except she sees Prince Endymion. As Usagi, Ami, and Makoto walk to school, Usagi bumps into Mamoru. It looks like Usagi is developing feelings for him, but denying it.


They see a news broadcast saying that Tuxedo Mask has claiming that he has been committing crimes in order to get the Legendary Silver Crystal, causing people to gossip. Of course, Beryl claims the legendary silver crystal belongs to the Dark Kingdom, and that they haven’t collected enough energy to awaken their great ruler (Metalia). Zoisite is given the task of obtaining the Legendary Silver Crystal and more human energy. The guardians and Luna discuss Tuxedo Mask; Usagi does not want to believe he is an enemy. Luna has been doing research and has some ideas. Her ideas hint that the enemy that awakens from it’s sleep (Metalia) and takes  power from the Legendary Silver Crystal. She also reveals the Legendary Silver Crystal has the ability to blow up a planet with ease. Luna mentions the Legendary Silver Crystal and the moon princess have to protected from the enemies. Luna reveals that she came from the Moon to awaken the Sailor Guardians.

luna's magic grab bag

A television broadcast claims to want help from everyone to find the legendary silver crystal and seems to brainwash everyone who watches it. The Guardians and Luna meet up at the arcade. They go inside Luna’s headquarters for the first time. Luna first assumes the TV waves brainwashing people is a work of Tuxedo Mask but Usagi is confident that he isn’t.


Rei, Makoto, Ami and Luna arrive at the top of the TV broadcast building and the woman in the broadcast is revealed as Zoisite in disguise.  Meanwhile, Usagi, feeling weak, is about to collapse.  Tuxedo Mask catches her just in time. Tuxedo Mask apologizes for his behavior and tells Usagi to trust him. The other Sailor Guardians are struggling to defeat Zoisite. Queen Beryl appears and introduces herself. She is about to attack the Sailor Guardians!


Tuxedo Mask tells Usagi to transform into Sailor Moon and comforts her, telling her she is ideal to be a leader. Usagi finally transforms into Sailor Moon and  uses Moon Healing Escalation. Zoisite is wounded after jumping in front of Beryl and they retreat.  Sailor Moon collapses, exhausted from the attack. Tuxedo Mask catches her in his arms! Tuxedo Mask carries the sleeping Usagi off. We briefly see Sailor V and Artemis. Usagi wakes up in a bedroom and sees Mamoru realizing Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask.


I thought Act 5 really brought out Makoto’s character. I love that the girly side of Makoto is shown. When Usagi defends love I was tearing up. Act 6 has good development. I like that it shows the “Star Crossed Lovers” nature of Mamoru and Usagi’s romance. I can’t wait to see if Crystal does present their past lives accurately.



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