Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal ep 3-4

Written By: Emma Smith

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon crystal episode 3 and 4


Act 3 Rei-Sailor Mars begins when Queen Beryl showing impatience of Jadeite’s failures. We see Zoisite and Nephrite make an appearance. Queen Beryl briefly mentions that the Legendary Silver Crystal is powerful and whoever possesses it will be the ruler of the universe.  Then there’s a rumor going around that there’s a 6pm demon bus and people that board the bus are not seen again.  Ami, Luna, and Usagi meet up and board a different bus; this is when we fully see Rei Hino. Of course, Usagi thinks Rei is beautiful. Usagi gets off the bus to follow Rei leading her to the Hikawa Shrine. Rei, at first thinks, Usagi had a demonic presence, so she throws a talisman on Usagi’s head. (It’s funny and cool to see Rei as a shrine priestess.)


We find out that a little girl that Rei knows has disappeared. It hints the little girl’s mother and other women believe Rei and the shrine are causing the disappearances. Rei has a reputation of being strange based off her abilities to sense the supernatural.  Usagi gets on bus with Luna to see Rei again; while on the bus they see Mamoru. (I am happy that they got the fact he’s a high school student right!)


Usagi rushes to save Rei but Jadeite captures Rei in the demon bus and heads toward a portal of some sort. It turns out it’s the place where the disappeared people are. Jadeite is about to do something to Rei but Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury arrive at the scene just in time. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury struggle fighting Jadeite and he freezes them. Of course, Rei realizes Usagi is Sailor Moon.


Rei tries to fight back and the Mars on her head appears. Luna gives Rei her transformation pen and she transforms into Sailor Mars for the first time. Rei uses Evil Spirit Be Exorcized! Jadeite flees though, hilariously, from what I remembered in the manga, Jadeite gets killed by Sailor Mars. The Sailor Guardians save the day. We get a hint of Act 4 at the end.


Act 4: Masquerade Dance Party. In the beginning of the episode we see Luna questioning if Mamoru is a foe or friend.  As Usagi heads to school, she notices something is happening in town. Naru tells Usagi that Princess D from the Kingdom of D is in town to exhibit a secret treasure at a dinner party. At the arcade, Rei, Usagi, Ami, and Luna discuss their mission. Luna tells them that the legendary silver crystal possesses unlimited power and the princess may possess it. It will be a disaster if enemies got their hands on it. Luna even says the seal of the Princess’ power will be broken when all the Sailor Guardian are awake. We see all of the Shitennou including Kunzite.


Meanwhile, Usagi arrives home and finds out her father is going to the dinner party. Usagi uses the disguise pen to dress in an elegant outfit to join the dinner party. Usagi, Ami, and Rei enter the dinner party which is actually a masquerade dinner party. Usagi ends up dancing with Tuxedo mask. She doesn’t know Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask. After they danced happily, Tuxedo mask leaves after seeing Luna.  Meanwhile, Princess D tries to get ready to present her treasure and her attendant is Nephrite in disguise. Nephrite uses his power to possess Princess D. Talk about creepy! As Tuxedo Mask and Usagi are falling from a balcony, Usagi uses her disguise pen for it to change into an umbrella.


Finally, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and realizes her tiara was burned in the last battle. Luckily, she gets a new tiara. Sailor Moon uses what looks like the attack Moon Twilight Flash against the enemy and Princess D is freed. The Shitennou introduce themselves before they disappear. Princess D reveals the legendary secret treasure that turns out to be a 2000-karat diamond statue of Princess D, so not the legendary silver crystal. Exhausted from the battle, Sailor Moon is asleep. Tuxedo Mask kisses her but Luna tells him to stay away from Usagi. Luna asks who is he and such but Tuxedo Mask only says he is also looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. At the end of the episode, we briefly see Makoto.


This series really makes me happy that it’s closer to the manga. I love that the series is getting the characters’ original personalities right. I also love Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship and how it is better (and appropriately) represented in this series!

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