Review: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal ep 1-2

Written By: Emma Smith

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode one and two


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is a reboot of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It’s supposed to be closer to the manga, compared to the 90s anime. It was made for the 20th anniversary of the series. Viz media obtained the rights of the series plus the 90s anime.


Let’s look at episode one: Act 1 Usagi-Sailor Moon. The story begins as our main character Usagi Tsukino, a clumsy, crybaby, 14 year-old eighth grader runs late for school after having a weird dream. Then, the opening theme, Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z, comes on. It continues Usagi running for school and then trips over a black cat named Luna with band-aids on her head. Usagi kisses Luna and Luna hilariously scratches her face. Usagi takes the band-aids off her head which reveals the mark of the crescent moon. As Usagi runs to make it to school, the viewer sees a bit of Jadeite who seemed to make and send a creature to get the legendary silver crystal. Back to Usagi, She ends up late so her English teacher, Haruka Sakurada, makes her stand outside the classroom. It is clear that Usagi also gets low scores. Then Usagi’s best friend, Naru, and the eccentric nerd classmate, Umino, make their appearance.


It turns out that Sailor V, a hero, has been catching robbers. After school, Usagi, Naru, and other friends go to a jewelry store that Naru’s family runs to check out a discount sale. As Usagi  leaves the store and is about to head home, she crunches her test into a ball and throws it behind her. You guessed it! The ball hits Mamoru Chiba on the head; this is Mamoru’s first appearance and also hints that Mamoru may know about the legendary silver crystal.


Usagi goes to the arcade and plays a Sailor V game; the arcade part time-worker Motoki makes an appearance. Then she gets home where her mother kicks her out of the house for the bad test score and we see Usagi’s younger brother Shingo.

While Usagi is being a crybaby, we see Tuxedo mask facing the jewelry store. As it turns out,  the woman who was supposed to be Naru’s mom is actually a creature from the Dark Kingdom- stealing humans’ energy using the jewlery they buy. Yea, it’s really obvious!

Back to Usagi, who is in her room tired from crying, and about to take a nap. She has a dream with the same princess and prince figure running (Yea! We already know who they are!) and the dream turns into a videogame dream with Sailor V and Luna in a cage. Suddenly, Usagi wakes from her dream with Luna is her room. Luna starts talking about her crescent moon mark. She explains that it is not a bald patch and how the Band-Aids on her forehead earlier disabled her speech power. She introduces herself and said she has been searching for Usagi.


Of course, Usagi thinks Luna talking is a dream, at first. Then, Luna gives Usagi the transformation brooch. Luna claims Usagi is a chosen guardian and her mission is to find her allies, defeat the villians and save the princess. As the brooch lights up, Luna tells Usagi to say “Moon Prism Power Make-up”.  Upon doing so, she transforms into Sailor Moon and hears a cry from help from her red hair accessories, that like Naru’s voice. She goes to save her.


At the jewelry store, the creature reveals herself to Naru. Just as the enemy is about to harm Naru, Sailor Moon and Luna appear at the scene. Sailor Moon says her signature phrase we all know and love. She tries to run from the enemy and her crying causes colossal sound waves. Finally, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Boomerang and defeats the enemy. This is when Sailor Moon first sees Tuxedo Mask. The next day, at school, Naru speaks about Sailor Moon saving her. The episode ends when Usagi and Luna overhear the conversation as Usagi looks tired and reflects on how the adventure was not a dream. Lastly, we briefly see who appears to be Ami. We see the ending theme “Gekkou” by Momoiro Clover Z. The song showcases Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, as a pure romantic song which suits the couple. I do admit it is a bit of a spoiler for people that have not read the manga or not familiar with the series.


The next episode is episode 2: Act 2 Ami-Sailor Mercury. We start to see Ami Mizuno who is an A student and studies a lot, but is lonely. After Moon Pride, we see Queen Beryl for the first time. As Usagi is still adjusting to being a Sailor Guardian, Luna seems to have her eye on Ami.


When Usagi is walking in town looking at her test scores, she sees Ami being nice to Luna. That’s when she tries to befriend her. As they briefly hang at the arcade, it turns out Ami is good at video games. Ami even wins a pen at the arcade.


Then you see Ami at a seminar called Crystal Seminar. This reveals that Ami studies hard due to her dream of becoming a doctor in the future. It turns out the Crystal Seminar is a plot of the Dark Kingdom and the disk that was given away to people is a brainwashing program. Once, Usagi and Luna find out, they rush to save Ami. Usagi uses the disguise pen for the first time to change into a doctor to get in the seminar building.


Usagi finally arrives in time; she transforms into Sailor Moon and tries to fight the enemy. Sailor Moon says Ami is her friend, but while Ami is semi-hypnotized Sailor Moon struggles with fighting the enemy. Ami snaps out of the hypnosis when she sees Sailor Moon about to be harmed. She reveals herself as Sailor Mercury and the pen she got from the arcade turns out to be a transformation pen. Then, Ami uses Mercury Aqua Mist; Tuxedo mask assists Sailor Moon and she defeats the enemy with Moon Tiara Boomerang. Ami and Usagi are officially friends. Lastly, Hikawa shrine is shown and previews Rei a little.

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