Review: OUAT White Out

Description: “Startled by Emma, Elsa accidentally traps both of them inside an ice cave”

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Plot: I don’t want to give away too much but I’ll talk a little about the plot…for now 🙂


(spoilers) Elsa has frozen all of Storybrooke within itself so she can find Anna. Her hunch about Anna being there is from finding Anna’s necklace, in the episode prior, in Gold’s shop. By freezing Storybrooke’s exits Elsa has unknowingly cut the power lines. This leads to David, Emma and Hook meeting at the town’s border to discern its cause. Emma, out of the corner of her eye sees Elsa. Elsa and Emma speak briefly before David and Hook spook Elsa into creating a wall between them and Emma; it’s a wall Elsa can not remove.



The storybook progresses as David and Anna meet long ago. David is a relation of Kristoff and Anna was told she could trust him as long as she didn’t get him in trouble by revealing her plans. However, David knows Anna isn’t Joan by the way her voice wavers when he asks for her name and points out that she’s engaged to Kristoff based off the engagement ring she wears. David is battling against Bo Peep for the land he and his mother work as shepherds/ farmers. Anna teaches him to fight, Bo Peep catches her, Bo Peep is defeated and Fairy tale land subsides.

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Back in Storybrooke David finds Bo Peep’s staff which, later, tells them Anna is alive. He talks Elsa down enough to free the dying Emma from hypothermia and escorts Elsa and his daughter home with the help of Hook. Snow, after doing some “feeding” joins their family meeting as David pronounces that they will help Elsa to find Anna. Henry does some good with Regina and the story ends on a twist: Elsa ISN’T the only one who can control frozen magic!


Plot and Character Growth: 10/10

Styling and Make up: 10/10

Hooks and Climax: 10/10

Overall: 100% amazing~

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