Review: OUAT: Smash the Mirror

This is the two hour event that was given most PR:

I’ll keep the summary as brief as I can. Commentary to follow it.

Emma and Henry meet, but with Emma’s powers out of control, she cuts Henry’s ear and then races off again. The screen flickers over to Hood and Regina, waking up to a glorious morning after. Regina clues Hood in about Henry’s story book and Operation Mongoose (finding its author). When she refuses to let him help, he steals the book.


Flashbacks: Ingrid fails at convincing Elsa that Anna turned on her so Elsa sets her free. Undeterred by the sisters finding the urn and joining together, Ingrid decides to cast the Shattered Sight spell on Anna- the only person beside Ingrid who knows of the spell’s origin. This leads to Anna capturing Elsa in the urn, only to awaken shocked and upset at her aunt’s deceit.


Emma wants gold to remove her powers which ties into his sick plot to leave Storybrooke using the Sorcerer’s Hat to cleave himself from his “Dark One’s” Dagger. Snow and Charming are worried about Emma when she tells them she will remove her powers for good. Unfortunately, their debate on her decision leaves them taking a cop out instead. Elsa, resistant to their decision, ┬áHe traps Ingrid in a circle of dust in order to keep her from saving Emma.


Hood enlists the Knave for help with Operation Mongoose; Will, of course, suggests the library under the clock tower. When they enter the library, Hood finds a NEW page in the book. Meanwhile, the wounded Henry is tended to by his mother- Regina. He feels useless and ordinary because of his lack of magic but Regina fixes that ­čÖé Talk about a great mother/son moment! Regina also speaks with the Charmings. She tells them how she regretted trying to convince Henry that being normal was better because she was scared of losing him. Emma is, “not an old pair of Jimmy Choos” and Regina doesn’t shut up about it. She’s a great hero coming into her own.


Desperate, Hook goes to see Gold in a ditch effort to save Emma. He tries to tell her the truth about what he’s seen Hook do and tries to confess his crimes. He sends a confession voice mail that he just wanted to be a better man but was manipulated otherwise. To sum the rest┬áup: Emma is “attacked” by Ingrid’s telekinesis, Gold tries to steal Emma’s powers using the hat, oh and Elsa steps in to save Emma! Last, but not least, Hook’s heart is stolen by Gold; he can now force Hook to do whatever he wants.

Wow, long summary when you’re watching for two hours….


First off, finally! Who hasn’t been waiting for Regina and Hood to get it on? (What do we call them Ho-gina?) Yes, he’s married and I’m anti cheating on your spouse but the chick is all but dead. It isn’t exactly fair to say no divorces- that’s just a way to justify abusing one’s spouse! On the other hand, if Henry can’t save Emma- who will?


This episode’s flashbacks were far more dramatic than the previous week’s. Furthermore, they truly move our story forward. While the information on Ingrid had been helpful, it could’ve been discovered faster; the information on Anna and Elsa in this episode was something that had to unfold. Furthermore, the flashbacks expose Ingrid’s mentality- she’s psychotically searching for a family to love her. Too bad it ends up in Rumple’s hands.


On the other hand,┬áRumple are you in a rut? Don’t you ever get tired of playing the villain? Develop your character a little more you two dimensional twit! Then there’s Hook; dude, your heart, seriously? Don’t flipping expose yourself so often; it’s a crocodile, you know you’re gonna get bitten!



Regina, is actually becoming more rounded as a character. Unlike her evil queen days she lends information to others, tries to help and is- arguably- the voice of reason in this episode. Having lost so much, she’s finally able to give back to those around her. I think the best is yet to come!

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