Review: OUAT Shattered Sight

Summary: The Charmings lock themselves into holding cells in the Sheriff’s office. Kristoff and Hook handcuff themselves. Moments later, the curse begins. Shattered glass rains upon them and what once was a room of happy couples is now divided into three parts hatred and one part Anna. Hook, however, meets with Gold asking why he was spared. This is, of course, because HIS HEART ISN’T IN HIS BODY.


Regina, on the other hand, returns to being evil and the first thing out of her mouth is about her outfit. Talk about four seasons going to waste (jk)!


Ingrid’s spell makes it impossible for them to hurt her. She holds their memories in her hands and is somehow a real older sister. Unfortunately, like all villains, she reveals too much about her plan. Since their love in unequaled they must turn to Regina’s equal hatred of Emma. The Heroes prevail with Regina free. She heads to Emma’s office to kill he; instead she turns on the Charmings but not before sending Kristoff and Anna back to the beach. “Do Not Wake My Baby!”


Hook, of course, is roped into capturing Henry and bringing him to Gold. He tries the patient, “it’s for your own good” routine but Henry is having none of it. Gold, however, had already thought of this; Hook, therefore, uses the vial that Gold gave him to cancel out Regina’s spell. Luckily, Henry is his superior and clever ways, decided to line the entrance with marbles. Hook falls head over heels  in his attempts to get Henry. Moments after he’s able to stand, the belligerent, drunken Knave barges in insisting that now is the time to repay Hook for the shiner he was given prior. In the mean time, Henry runs off to– well God knows where– so Hook is out of luck!



Meanwhile, Anna follows Kristoff as he storms down the beach. Kristoff is being irrational to a fault so Anna clocks him over the head with her mother’s message in a bottle. Upon finding the message Anna tells Kristoff to stay put and heads off to find Elsa.


It is at that moment that Elsa and Emma are in the lair of the Snow Queen. She sees them approaching the mirror but doesn’t stop them. comfy as a bug in a rug, the Igloo Princess reveals the ace up her sleeve. She has selected all their happiest memories together and intends to use that to convince the girls they should all be sisters.



Anna bursts in as the main hero of the episode. She reveals everything that her mother had written about freeing Ingrid. Dissatisfied, the Snow Queen snatches the note and reads it for herself. Realization shocks her into acceptance and she crumbles defeating the spell.


Commentary: This season ended a little less than satisfactory. I loved the Happily Ever After and how everyone awoke from the curse but I felt disheartened that there wasn’t a real solution- someone deserving lost out yet again. The Snow Queen, who fought so hard just to be loved and accepted had to die to gain this. On the other hand, her ethereal, white snow gave her an angelic send off. That was lucky ^_~

I’m further dissatisfied with the two dimensional nature of The Dark One this season but I guess every story needs a villain to be interesting. World domination seems to be his new plan of action. With the amount of arrogance The Dark One is sporting, will Belle and Henry be okay?

Hook and Emma can survive whatever he throws their way; they both developed immensely this season- not only as characters but as a couple. It shows, specifically in the final scene where Hook pleads for her life.

Then there’s the Charmings and Baby Neil- I’m dying to see what happens as their family expands! I hope you are too; We’ll see you soon~

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