Review: OUAT Rocky Road



Note: I will be covering all the flashbacks at the end of the story to relay what the full story with them is.

The story begins as Emma, Hook and Elsa enter Gold’s shop to ask if he knows who Elsa is. To prove his “innocence” Gold tells Bell to use the dagger on him and continues to lie that he knows not who Elsa, nor her sister, are. The scene cuts to Hood and his family strolling about town explaining this new life to Marianne. They stop in for ice cream but the one given to Marianne is bewitched AND WITH SPRINKLES! Not quite fair if you ask me….


Shortly after we see Snow taking up her new role as Town Mayor with a meeting in Regina’s old office. Snow has made it a bit homey by adding an oil painting of two birds added on the wall. She reassures everyone that this place will be a place for them. Unfortunately, with the way the town’s people, they believe they can walk all over Snow.


Snow, who is reluctant to put down her new baby, struggles to explain that Elsa is not the cause of the larger problems. David steps in to help calm the people down though he doesn’t interfere with Snow wanting to keep the baby close. (Later, Archie tells Snow that although she wants to keep Baby Neil close to her, so that she doesn’t miss everything like with Emma, being separated is normal too.)


It cuts over to Regina and Henry eating at the dinner. She asks him about the book’s author while failing at being stealthy. He has her confess and loves her idea of having the author rewrite her character! They bind together a secret alliance for Operation Mongoose! Hood barrels in moments later requesting to talk with Regina. He confesses not knowing who else to turn to but Marianne was in trouble. They rush back to the office where the other heads of the town are discussing Marianne’s faint at Snow’s meeting. When Emma (and Elsa arrive) she asks what happened and Regina accuses Elsa. Elsa says that it isn’t her magic but that the only thing that can warm a person is true love. Hood tries kissing Marianne to break the spell but nothing happens.



Emma decides to go investigate leaving Hook in charge of Elsa. Regina makes the snide comment, “I hope you’re bringing back up” to imply that Emma can’t take care of herself based off her recent past.

Hook, of course, ignores Emma’s warning to take care of Elsa and protect her from the town’s people. Although he keeps Elsa safe, they go to Gold’s shop instead of to her office. Hook and Elsa have taken a shard of Marianne’s frozen hair to Gold to find out information, they make a deal to keep Gold’s betrayal of Bell silent for the information. He obliges them by sending the magic back to its user and the two leave his shop following it.


The scene flashes to Emma and her father, David, in the forest as they explore Hood’s land for clues about Marianne. Emma finds the Knave- Will Scarlet- thieving in Hood’s tent. He tells her about how he worked his way down Main St. during the black out and how the Ice Cream Parlor had ice cream which was frozen solid in spite of the electricity being down for hours prior. Emma and David have a heart warming, father-daughter moment when he reassures her that she is not losing her touch as a savior.


Regina tells Hood that the curse is working its way to Marianne’s heart. There’s a way she can save her but only if Hood gives his approval. When he consents she sends Henry to her vault for the things she needs.


Then, Hook and Elsa are seen walking through the forest discussing Hook’s dislike of “bad weather”. Elsa points out that snow isn’t bad, and that they’re just following magic. As Hook marks yet another tree, he says that he usually avoids magic also. Elsa smirks and adds that he doesn’t avoid Emma. She says that the problem might be Emma in their relationship. This is her seeing herself in Emma and she recalls, “when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, it can be hard to let people in- to trust them”. They find the Ice Queen- the lady from the Ice Cream Parlor (whose name has yet to be mentioned, I might add.)

hook and elsa

Elsa is totally thrilled by her and wants to know more about this strange person like herself. They hide and observe the Ice Queen and Hook quickly calls Emma for backup.He is dismayed as he leaves Emma a voice mail cursing the device she didn’t pick up. Hook turns to Elsa to leave but he finds himself stuck in ice as they have been found out. Elsa does her best to keep the Ice Queen talking particularly as the Queen remembers more than she does.


The Queen claims that the Rock Trolls took away Elsa’s memory, much like they did in the movie with Anna. She also says that it was Anna who became afraid of Elsa and sealed her in the Urn. Elsa isn’t buying the manipulation. She calls out the Queen for trying to make the town’s people believe that Elsa is a monster and that what she did to Marianne was no mistake! Annoyed at Elsa’s attitude, the Ice Queen creates icicles above Hook. She tells Elsa that she has neutralized her magic and there is not point in trying to fight it- that Elsa will be deemed a monster yet again.

emma hey dq

Emma appears with the best line of the episode, “Hey Dairy Queen!” The Queen seems shocked, saying “Emma?” as if she has already met her. Emma realizes the Queen’s tone immediately but acts quickly using her magic to remove the Queen from the situation. As the Queen falls, she melts her icicles faster. To save them, Emma uses her magic to push David and Hook out of the way. Unfortunately, in splitting her attention, Emma has let the Ice Queen escape. Shortly after, Emma turns to Elsa to tell her she thinks Elsa and Anna are just pawns in the plot of the Queen. She tells Elsa that Elsa being in Storybrooke was an accident she caused. However, the Ice Queen was here from before.

Flash to Regina and Hook standing over a- now completely- frozen Marianne. Henry arrives just in time making a crack about Regina needing to clean up/organize her vault. Regina reaches in and takes out Marianne’s heart. Hood asks what happens now? Will she stay just like this: frozen but alive?


Another change to Emma and Hook outside of Granny’s Diner. Hook tells Emma she makes men drink a lot, he also apologizes for not listening to her. In the same breath, Hook tells Emma she can trust him. Shocked, Emma says she does trust him but she doesn’t want him to end up like the other men in her life- dead- “I can’t lose you too”.


“You don’t have to worry about me,” Hook says, “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s surviving.” He pulls her into a romantic kiss as Her prince charming.


The ice queen, strolling through the forest suddenly stops and spots Gold. “Sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted…” he drawls. Evidently, Emma could have remembered her and that would’ve been bad. she says she will go to him when she’s ready to make a deal. He

“You should find some shelter, it’s getting quite frosty”- Gold says; Is Gold hinting at a possible appearance from Jack Frost?

Flashbacks collected together: Elsa is upset at Kristoff as she tries to make a plan to go after Anna. Kristoff reminds her that she can’t leave as the Queen and that Anna will be fine on her own. She gets annoyed by Kristoff complimenting her rational side when she does concede to his argument. He says that it’s just because she’s warming up to him.


A guard steps in to tell her they’ve had a sighting of Hans, his brothers and men heading in over the border. Kristoff tells Elsa to let him go watch them in the mountains as he knows the territory so well. The guard makes a snide remark about Kristoff- as the royal ice maker and distributor- getting to make decisions. Elsa overrides Kristoff with diplomatic ease, telling him to let her be the Queen he keeps reminding her she is.


The next scene is Kristoff talking to Sven as they infiltrate the mountain in secret. Sven calls Kristoff on his bs until he admits he is disobeying Elsa’s orders altogether. Unfortunately, that’s when they hear what Hans has up his sleeves: an urn, designed to trap people with ice powers!


Kristoff reports back to Elsa and she decides to take matters into her own hand instead of trusting Kristoff to find and destroy the urn. They are then seen at the edge of a cliff, where the urn is supposedly hidden. They repel down to avoid Hans finding them through Elsa’s magic. Then, they retrieve the urn.


Alas, Elsa’s curiosity is her downfall. Gazing at the urn’s mysterious writing, thrilled by the opportunity to learn about others like herself, Elsa has wasted time and Hans and his brothers have trapped them. To save Kristoff she hands the urn over to Hans who opens it, intending to trap Elsa- who he deems a monster. Fortunately, he instead releases the Ice Queen who saves Elsa and Kristoff by freezing Hans and his brothers.

icedhansFlash forward, Elsa and the Ice Queen are giggling and recalling tales of their lives as they walk into Elsa’s room. The Ice Queen spots the picture of her sister and her sister’s husband on the wall. Elsa says she thinks its the only portrait that does her mom’s smile justice. The Ice Queen agrees and tells Elsa that she is her estranged aunt and she would like to see her sister again. Elsa gives her the grave news: her parents are lost at sea and her sister is gone too. The Ice Queen talks about them bonding and finding Anna. ~end~

Deleted Scene (from this episode)

 Preview of next week:  Anna made a deal with The Dark One to save her sister but the only way she can escape now is if she kills him. Clearly, she didn’t succeed. Hook also makes a deal with The Dark One and his hand is restored to him. It’s a surprise to Emma as they seem to finally be going out on a genuine date. “A deal with The Dark One always comes [at] a price.”


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