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Guide Description: Belle attempts to use the blade to get her husband to tell her where the Snow Queen is hiding.

Summary: This episode begins when Emma exposes the tape of her missing memories and time with the Snow Queen. However, the episode’s main character is Belle and the earlier parts of her life, but more about that later. Back in Storybrooke, they begin looking for the Snow Queen’s Ice Cream Truck, as suggested by Henry. Unfortunately, the Snow Queen not only thought of that, but led them to it herself. Gold, of course, secretly approaches the Snow Queen. The meeting ends on bad terms, however, when the pair threaten one another.


Belle then uses the Dagger to get Rumple to take her to the Snow Queen. Once inside the lair of the Snow Queen, Belle is entranced by the Queen’s evil mirror. The mirror reflects the negativity within Belle and forces her to confront that she let Anna fall to her doom. Rumple dives in to save Belle and whisks them back to his shop. Being the reformed Rumple that he is, he returns to the lair to preposition the Snow Queen. Searching for information, he threatens her with his Apprentice’s hat. She caves telling him her plan of a family.


The final scenes show Belle bursting in with an apology for Elsa and announcing the Snow Queen’s plan for revenge. Additionally, Elsa reveals that the three blondes: herself, Emma and Ingrid (the Snow Queen) are part of a prophecy.



In the past, we see Belle as her mother dies. Belle awakens moments later with no memory of what occurred. The next scene shows her researching ways to retrieve her memories and finding the Rock Trolls. Belle travels to the shop of Okin in Arendelle where she bumps into Anna. Anna, being who she is, leads Belle to the Rock Trolls. Grand Pabbie retrieves Belle’s memories by capturing them in a stone. His instructions are to return to the scene and brew tea using the rock. Drinking the tea will restore Belle’s memories. We also find out that Belle let Anna get captured by the Snow Queen.


Small Twists and Turns of the episode:

  • Emma and Hook making eyes at each other as they search for the Snow Queen
  • Regina avoids Hood because she thinks she can not save his wife. For his sake, she tells him to save Marianne he must let her go and fall in love with his wife again.
  • Emma realizes that the Snow Queen loves her

Review: I actually enjoyed this episode…or rather, I enjoyed watching an episode that made me feel such hatred. The plot in this episode is straight forward so you aren’t holding your breath in anticipation. On the other hand, the episode was filled with rushed ideas. Belle’s back story was revealed effectively. Conversely, the fault in the Snow Queen’s plan felt rushed and oversimplified. Why does she battle with Gold? Why did she leave her lair open for Belle to investigate? Some may say that the plot is well developed but I feel like the characters are still lacking which, in turn, takes away from the plot. I feel such dissatisfaction at the arrogance of the Snow Queen and sincerely hope that her arc doesn’t end form arrogance. Here’s hoping to an amazing episode with a devilish plot twist next week~



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