Review: OUAT (Fall)


Brief Summary: Gold and Ingrid diplomatically agree that Bell and Henry shall be spared in exchange for Ingrid’s peace with her “sisters”. The Charmings and townsfolk decide to leave town which leads Elsa to finding Anna’s necklace. They decide to split up as Regina hopes to warn Hood and Henry goes with her. Hook is sent off to help the remaining townspeople.


Bell, however, tries to find a vaccine for those who are affected; it needs something of that person to reverse the effects in others. The ever optimistic Elsa decides they will find Anna in order to reverse its effects; they head off even though Anna’s loss happened 30 years ago. Halfway through the episode however, they realize there isn’t enough time; Emma must decide between saving the town using the mirror dust embedded in the necklace or finding the sister. Elsa tricks them and runs off to find her.


Meanwhile, Gold’s plan takes effect. He uses Hook to suck away their only chance of vaccine as he escorts his wife out. Will this guy ever change?


In flashback land, Anna and Kristoff escape Hans and his brothers and set off to find Black Beard. Having finally found his ship, they plead with Black Beard; unfortunately, it’s a trap Anna and Kristoff are thrown into a wooden chest and thrown to the depths of the ocean.


All is well in the end since Anna is brought 30 years into the future and onto the beach along with Kristoff. Turns out, her necklace was the wishing star- isn’t that just wonderful? The episode ends with the bottle their mother sent to them floating near the wreck that was their tomb.

Commentary: It feels like this episode is self explanatory so this will be short. Elsa was selfish but she needed to be to find her sister. Hook is totally screwed from the previous episode meaning he won’t be any help from here on in. Even if Elsa and Emma are immune to the curse, they are still somehow powerless to the Snow Queen; question is, how? Gold is a douche and Black Beard- he’s still after gold. 🙂

Here’s hoping!

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