Review: OUAT Breaking Glass

So close….Soon I will have what I want…a family that loves me…-Ice Queen

Spoilers Below:

Summary: Elsa and Emma go in search of the Ice Queen through means of approaching Regina. Regina continues to reject anything and everything Emma tries to do to heal the void between them. Regina accuses Emma of wanting her to remove Emma’s guilt. Elsa is tricked by the Ice Queen; the Ice Queen attacks Regina and Emma to obtain Regina’s pocket mirror. Sydney is freed from his glass and the Ice Queen’s goal is revealed. Meanwhile, Snow has finally regained her confidence thanks to Will Scarlet’s escape and pardon.


Flashbacks of this episode are all about Emma’s past. They relate most to the end of the episode where Regina and Emma talk. Emma’s character develops immensely; she confesses she thought that she and Regina were friends and was working to recapture that. Regina finally softens, but not enough to fill the void between them. In the final scene Emma is looking at the video camera of her flashback. On it, she sees the Ice Queen as her former foster home mother.


Character development is immense in the plot of this episode. However, the episode does feel rushed at times. Relationships are better explained, including Sydney and Regina/ Regina and Emma/ Emma and the Ice Queen.


Sydney and Regina: Though I’m not fully familiar with their primary relationship, over this particular season, Sydney doesn’t seem fond of Regina. This is, apparently the second time she has imprisoned him in a mirror. Additionally, when Sydney was first found (in this season), it was in a cell at their hospital. Not the ideal place to be for someone who appears to be loyal and somewhat sane. Sydney isn’t noted much as a character; he tends to be seen as only an object by Regina specifically. The relationship seemed mutual to begin with, however, in this season Sydney and Regina are on opposite sides. In this episode Sydney betrays Regina by leading her into the Ice Queen’s trap in exchange for his freedom. Regina is not pleased.


Regina and Emma: Since Emma brought Hood’s wife back from the past Regina hasn’t spoken more than necessary to her. Regina, in fact, made it clear that Emma had ruined her life. Emma, feeling defeated, had kept her distance and only tried to get Regina to rebuild their friendship. Until the end of this episode, Regina had absolutely hated her and accused Emma of using Regina as a guilt ease. Emma finally confesses to wanting her friend back and Regina begins to soften toward her.


Emma and the Ice Queen: From the moment she met the Ice Queen, Emma was certain that she knew but couldn’t remember her. As it turns out, Regina was the key to Emma finding the answers she was looking for. In this episode, we find out that Regina had kept tabs on Emma when she was mayor and OUAT was just beginning.  One of the tabs took the form of an envelope of pictures, one of which, was of Emma and the Ice Queen talking. This is the moment the episode’s plot takes its first turn- the moment where Emma goes to confront Regina. Later on, we find out that Emma’s second foster family was headed by the Ice Queen. Unfortunately, this is where the episode abruptly ends.

The story’s plot is vicious this episode; filled with twists, moments of “DON”T DO IT!” and moments of, “No Way!” It keeps its audience on a high octane roller coaster. Why was Emma determined to mend her relationship with Regina? Now that Elsa is so desperate to find Anna will Anna be the one to betray her? Why is the Ice Queen so determined to have Elsa and Emma together? Who cares about Lily?? There was a brilliant use of Green Screen throughout the episode; although, I wish the ‘magic’ had been portrayed as something more than whooshing lines of colored gust. Magnificent work on special effects and sound effects as well.

Overall, this episode makes you want to watch more- just like a book you never want to put down.


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