Review: OUAT Apprentice

Summary: Emma gets Henry’s permission and plucks up the courage to finally ask Hook out. He, enamored with her, accepted on the grounds that he gets to plan the date. He then heads to Gold’s shop to blackmail Gold into giving him his hand back for their date. Meanwhile, Snow, Elsa and David see Emma’s date night dress for the first time. Snow embarrasses Emma taking pictures and dotting all over her. David, on the other hand, turns into the “what are your intentions” father. Of course, Hook shows up without a hand.


We cut into a flashback: Anna enters the lair of Rumpelstiltskin without fear. She actually calls out to him! Of course, her lie doesn’t work because Rumpelstiltskin already knows who she is and why she’s there. He has her sign a contract and sends her on a quest to put a vial full of something between the teeth of a child eating man. By the time she gets there Anna has decided she will not poison the man and drops the vial into the fire the first chance she gets.

annaWhen she returns, Rumple tells her that the vial was an antidote and she confesses to having not used it. Of course, Rumple takes her back to the scene and explains about his actual plan. It was all a ploy to get the tear of someone who faced their inner darkness and turned away. Anna denies having faced anything, calling herself nice. Enraged, Rumple tells her she’ll be locked away forever as part of their contract. ¬†Elsa will become a monster, the wedding would be null and she would be to blame. Anna rashly pulls a sword on Rumple but to no avail. She is, after all, too nice to harm him. Rumple succeeds in procuring the tear he needs to open the hat and proceeds into the cellar to collect his prize.



We see Hook taking Emma out to a fancy restaurant. He even pulls out her chair. Unfortunately, their date gets off to a rough start, the dialogue is about the Snow Queen and a drunk Will Scarlet crashes into Emma while trying to avoid her. Worse, Hook’s hand appears to take over as he snatches Scarlet up and demands an apology for Emma. I did cheer when Emma refused to go after Will, though. Everyone deserves a slice of happily ever after! The night ends well with a second date proposal from Hook and a goodnight kiss.



Enter Flashback: Anna enters the cellar and tells Rumple that she kept her end of the bargain and that he should tell her about her parents. This is not, however, the news she’d hope for; her parents had traveled to find a remedy for Elsa’s powers. She also tells Rumple that he can’t harm people with the hat. Rumple, not phased, says there’s no one to stop him. Just then, the Apprentice Mouse nips Rumple’s dagger weilding hand. Anna is free to use his dagger against him and does so. She has Rumple send her home with the box, free the Apprentice from his mouse form, and keeps him from harming herself or her sister. Once home, Sven tips off Kristoff that Anna is around the corner. They reunite and she tells him the sad tale.


By the next morning Hook is working for The Dark One as he’s been tricked into thinking that his hand really has possessed him. We find him asleep by the docks awaiting Gold. They follow an enchanted broom to the house of the apprentice and Hook is ordered to hold him down as Gold opens the hat and sucks the apprentice in. Hook thinks the job is done but Gold surprises him by blackmailing him with a tape from their trip. Hook surrenders having relost his hand and his freedom to Gold.



The episode ends, however, when Henry tells Regina that the only person who knows enough about the book would be his grandfather: Gold. Regina says that he wouldn’t tell her anything due to the animosity between them. Henry agrees but decides he will spy on Gold and figure it out.

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We see him meet with Gold to ask for an after school job. We see him defend his request as a way to get to know his father and his grandfather better after Neil’s death. Gold agrees by allowing Henry to be his apprentice. The episode ends as Henry sweeps the floor.

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