Review: Once Upon A Time: The Snow Queen

Brief Summary: In this episode we  learn about Ingrid, the snow queen, and her sisters. We see how she first used her power to save her sisters and later was terrified of it. Without her middle sister, Helga, Ingrid would be in even more of a mess. Her youngest sister, Gerta, mother to Anna and Elsa, was the one most terrified of her. The unfortunate end to Helga’s life is how Ingrid was stuffed into the Urn.



This episode also emphasizes Emma’s connection to Ingrid and Elsa through magic. Emma’s powers are tied into her emotion, like in most other series. As she becomes stressed out or jealous, they engage and react to the objects around them- much like atoms in chem class. When she arrives to babysit for Neil, she is struck by her mother attending a “First Time Mother’s” class. Inadvertently, her magic bewitches the baby’s bottle leaving Snow White terrified.


We also connect to Ingrid and Emma in current day. Ingrid has allowed herself to be captured by Emma by presenting a fake mirror; once alone with Emma, Ingrid freezes them into her office. She convinces Emma that Emma will set her free. As Emma becomes more upset, her powers rage out of control busting open the office and releasing the Snow Queen. It only grows worse as the gang attempt to save Emma only to have Charming push Hook out of the way of Emma’s magic. The fear in her parents’ eyes is enough to send Emma running.


This episode was, by far, well thought out. Although a bit boring, Ingrid’s back story was presented clearly and flowed well. Furthermore, her connection to Rumple totally pans out- their desire to out do one another is almost like destiny.

Then there’s the Charming family and all the questions raised about them. Beside Emma running away, was she bewitched? Will she be saved by Henry again? Since her father doesn’t seem scared of her then why is Snow? Will this cause problems between Emma’s folks?


I guess we’ll just have to find out in the next episode of OUAT!


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