Review: Injustice: Gods in the Mobile Arena


With the console version of Injustice just right around the corner, excitement and anticipation is high for the game with everyone’s favorite super hero or villain going against each other. If you can’t wait and you have an iOS device, you’re in luck, the game is released in the App Store and its’s free!

DESIGN: 6.0/10

Before we get started, we want to make one thing clear: this isn’t a console port of the game. This game is made for mobile gaming. That means that there are no complicated combos to master nor a huge line up of button combinations to memorize, but rather a simple, intuitive control with an easy, pick-up and play scheme. The cool thing that Nether Realm has integrated the ability to unlock numerous features by simply playing the mobile version and vice versa via sign in with a WB account. So if you complete certain challenges on either games, certain unlockables are will be unlocked for use in the game.


Unlike the console version, this game focuses on a leveling system and rewards you the more you play (like almost all freemium games available on the App Store). The problem with this is the energy concept. Yes you get to play the game, but you’re limited to how much energy you can use and each battle as it goes on down the line costs more and more energy and with require you to wait a good hour or two to get the energy back, unless you have multiple unlocked characters in which you can switch them out while the current character with out energy replenishes. If you are impatient, then you could refill your energy with real money. This concept is atrocious because it just simply ruins the experience and takes you out of the zone. I found myself even forgetting to play the game or even showing disinterest because I’m limited in my own game time.


FUN FACTOR: 7.0/10

The game is actually addicting in terms of simply returning to the game from time to time. This is good because this is what you want in a mobile game, specially since mobile games are made for quick pick up and play in short moments. (We’re still looking for the right formula to create a hardcore mobile game, there are games out there, but now mobile is quick pick up and play by definition) The controls are simple to understand: Tap for quick attacks, slide for heavy attacks, touch the screen with two fingers to block and touch the bars on the bottom to activate the character’s special ability. We loved leveling up our character just to see their finding move, but as we said, this will be time consuming, unless you are down to throw some bucks towards the game.


The biggest disappointment is the absence of multiplayer. You would think that a fighting game would at least have a multiplayer game. It would’ve been nice to a character you’ve leveled up your way against another, but sadly, you’ll not find it here.



For a freemium game, the look and feel of Injustice on the mobile version is almost spot on as their console counterpart. This is clearly one of the best looking games on the iPhone and it looks great. The cool part is that Nether Realm also added every single character with their special abilities present in the game. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little eye candy. Sound is also great, but it saddens us that there was no intros or outros present for the characters since these are the few moments you see who and what the characters are all about.

OVERALL: 6.5/10

Ok, 6.5 isn’t that bad, and if you ask us, we would even recommend the game. The problem lies in its design and simplicity. We could easily translate it into rip-off and tediousness. Without the presence of multiplayer or even an engaging story makes it really hard to come back to the game. Even though it is a free game, the fact that it pulls you out of the zone with its energy concept ruins the overall quality of the experience. Not to mention, that, even though the game has a really good concept of the simple control scheme, it doesn’t change the fact that all we do is swipe and tap, which the characters dish out the same movements over and over again. The highly addicting of unlocking content p, together with the extreme visuals was the only thing going for it.

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