Review: Heroes of Order and Chaos!


We’ve been itching to see a properly made MOBA game for the handheld devices on the go, and we have been treated to it with games like Plant Wars and Legendary Heroes, but now it’s Gameloft’s turn to take a chance at the Multiplayer Battle Arena. So sit your asses down! This is going to be a long ride.


Story 3/10
Wait, wait, wait. There’s a story to this? Well I won’t blabber how bad the story is about this game since it really isn’t a story to begin with. First of all the story is a tutorial so why put it a story right?! Well it’s for the sake of understanding the world of Order and Chaos. You see, before it was called Heroes of Order and Chaos. This game was actually an MMORPG and a great one at that (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it…NOW). So why bring the story of the MMO world here? Well this game initially tries to bring you in the world of Order and Chaos but $5 bucks says that you won’t even notice it.


Design 9/10
Gameloft did a exceptional job of creating the interface of the game. Right if the bat, the minute you log in, it’s easy to navigate through the menus and pages the game had to offer. We tried this game on multiple devices to see if the different screen sizes would make a difference, but it didn’t! Well, maybe a little, but not as much as we thought. Simply scrolling up and down on the menu feels like a breeze. Scrolling from left to right feels natural when buying items. They even separated items based on attacks, magics, mana, etc. Character selection is AMAZING! There are a roster of 30 characters and we believe more would be coming. Each character has a voice and you can also see the characters in 3D or a 2D illustration of it!


The controls for the game is also given merit since it was easy for us make use of the touch screen on all the devices. (We used a Galaxy S III, iPhone 4 and 5 and iPad 3 by the way) you can simply scroll using one finger, tap to select, double tap to attack or perform an action, pinch to zoom and the game even gives you an option if you would like to use the traditional on screen joystick if you prefer. There are only 2 things that bugged us about this game. The first thing! It is EXTREMELY SLOW!!! And no, it’s NOT THE GAMEPLAY! It’s actually the loading and match connecting times. I found myself sitting through a full commercial segment of the show I was watching before I could even choose my character. The same goes for online, it was difficult to find matches when playing 5 vs. 5 unless you do it manually and find the ones that have close to 10 players or create your own room and wait. The second thing is that this game is lags, but not the bad kind, just minor hiccups, the cool thing about the game is that if it disconnects it gives you the option to connect on your cellular data, which is also a bad thing since it would’ve been nice if the game asked me to retry my wi-fi network or choose a different wifi network since it acted up. There are other small things that gives us grief about this game but nothing Gameloft isn’t working on with their update (hint hint).


Gameplay 9/10
We’re not going to even sugar coat this. THIS IS LEAGUE OF LEGENDS OR DOTA 2 FOR MOBILE DEVICES! There we said it! We don’t want to say they copied the games, but it is safe to say that the inspiration did come from somewhere and c’mon, we all wished for it and the ONLY company to deliver the FULL experience was Gameloft (for now) and there is no shame in that. This game is a magnificent tribute to the MOBA games out there. The game is simple: destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours, all you have to do is have a little team work, the right kind of character that you’re good at using and proper strategy of using towers, items and leveling up. The reason this has a high score is because not only did this game highly addictive, but there were no sacrifices made to make this game in terms of gameplay. The game feels fast, characters are somewhat balanced and it’s really fun! Jungling was made easy as well as attacking and each character felt different in its own way. You may like the style of a long ranged Mage or you may come to the knitty-gritty with a guardian class.


Presentation 9.5/10
This game is stunning. Simple as that. If you think the others were magnificent on you’re computer or laptop, you’ll just be in awe looking at this game that’s available on the palm of your hands. The maps are beautiful to look at and have a different vibe weather you are playing on either side of the map. One side could be dark and freezing and the other side is lush and green. Also, the maps are large, we believe its even bigger than their PC counterparts which is so much fun in terms of strategy since they offer cutting corners and shortcuts and such. Characters look amazing to look at with each havering their of feel and story behind it, heck we spent a good hour just looking at the characters! Both in 3D and their illustrations since they gave us the choice. The score and sound is also phenomenal, there’s a cool cutscene before getting into battle and the sound of troops bashing their armor against each other brings the vibe and feel of a fantasy game. Sadly, the voice over, especially during the tutorial are somewhat bad, but who cares! We’re busy looking at armies clash and spells being cast!


Overall 9/10
This is a must have game for the mobile devices. Fun, addicting, and amazing are small words to describe this game. It’s been out over a day and we’re still playing it! So if you’re a MOBA fan and play games like league of legends and DOTA2 then you owe yourself for getting this game. So why the high score? Because after all the things we said, Gameloft decided to make this game FREE!

Posted by: Jassi Patayon

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