Review: Grand Theft Auto V

Just when you thought Rockstar has done everything in GTA IV, they hit back hard with a bran new installment in the GTA series and at the dawn of the Next-gen coming in, They proved that this generations’ consoles is going out with a huge bang.


Presentation: 9.5/10

What else can we say about the visuals? Los Angele…erm, Los Santos Never Looked this great. If you ever find yourself in the city of angels, a lot of the land marks you see in the game will feel similar to that of their real life counter-part. The Magic of Rockstar’s graphical design lies in the small details in the game, making their world just flourish with life. A very good example of this are the cars; the way you crash or simply scratch the car actually reflects the look of the car and Rockstar understands that each car crash is different, so you’ll have a very different look of your car every time you crash your vehicle. NPC’s have gotten a huge overhaul, with brand new animations and an even bigger variety of looks. There’s something about Rockstar’s motion capture and voice acting that separates it from the rest of the open world games in the market. The characters they create have a certain level of realism to the point where iconic characters rise from almost every GTA game out there. One such character is Trevor, but we’ll get to him in a bit. The sheer atmosphere of the game is enough to draw you in in this hypnotic state where you’d want to visit every single part of Los Santos just to see what Rockstar has added in the game.


Story: 8.5/10

This is a different kind of Grand Theft Auto. Where the previous games of the series paid attention to one character in the series, this game gives you three protagonists to pay attention to. First we have Michael, an ex-criminal who’s “living the life”. Nice house, two kids, a wife, but seems like he’s in an even worse position than he was back when he was a criminal since he’s found himself with a very broken family. Franklin, you’re typical gang-banger looking to get out of the streets and make it big, and then you have Trevor. Trevor is by far, one of the best, if not THE best character made for crime drama. His attitude towards society, the way he functions and cause havoc, and the plain craziness of the character brings out the best of what Grand Theft Auto has to offer. The only disappointing thing about the story is that the other characters are simply out-shined by Trevor. Not that their story is bad, but there are instances where we found ourselves in several cliche moments with Michael and Franklin. Trevor on the other hand has extremely unpredictable moments even though you expect him to be your typical trailer-trash, gun-wielding American.

Design: 9/10

The city of Los Santos isn’t the only thing in GTA V that is epic in scale. Rockstar spared no expense of adding as much content as they can in the game. Aside from all the violence and street racing, you, now, have the ability to do hobbies outside your normal illegal activities. You’ll be able to play tennis, golf, do off-road and sea races, triathlons and even yoga. Every single character will also be customizable with clothes, tattoos, and even hair styles. You’ll even have the chance to participate in the stock market and even mod your cars. Rockstar even added a great multiplayer feature called GTA Online, where you’ll be able to create your own character and even have a separate storyline from the single player experience. They’ve added an even better experience with encountering strangers and having random moments in the game similar to that of Red Dead Redemption.


Fun Factor: 10/10

There is so much to do in GTA V that we can’t even mention all of them. Aside from having a great story, it has a huge replay value. Usually in previous GTA games, once you’ve completed the story, you’re stuck with the minor things of simply doing hobbies and pastimes. When you’re done with GTA V, you now have the ability to replay missions, which is a huge welcome to the series. Even better the game also grades you on your performance for each mission, having set requirements for you to earn a gold rating for missions. The biggest hook behind the core of the game are heists. They come in a few number but are extremely rewarding in the end and extremely gratifying. You’ll have the chance to plan, set up and decide how to go about your heists. Each decision you make in the heists has its ups and downs and your decisions will affect your overall performance in the heists. A brand new addition to the series is the ability to swap characters at points in the game. Each character offers their own unique story separately, but this feature comes to life when all 3 characters are doing a mission together. For example, you could be Michael at a point in a mission shooting enemies at close range and you’ll also have the ability to switch to Franklin who provides cover or Trevor to get you out of the think of battle with a getaway vehicle.


Overall: 10/10

We love Grand Theft Auto V. We won’t even hide it, this game is actually that great. Rockstar has done a magnificent job of pushing the limits of the current generation of systems even though the next gen consoles are just around the corner. The sheer scale of GTA V is insane, bundle that with huge amounts of replayability and a great story and even an online experience that feels separate from the main single player experience, you have a great game that deserves to be in every gamer’s collection.