Review: Gotham

Gotham’s latest episode is teeming with great action scenes!


Penguin is found out by Don Maroni but Maroni fails to kill him. Later, Penguin is found by a bus filled with Jesus loving women! Then there’s Fish Moony… she’s the one who tipped off Maroni. She’s also on a boat out of Gotham… too bad she’s cut off at the end of the episode!


Of course, our main characters are back in action: a warm welcome for Bruce, Alfred and, not so much, for Jim. Jim has failed to keep Selina read to talk. Because of this, Bruce relieved him from his oath and decides to go after the murders himself. Alfred backs him despite Jim thinking it’s unsafe.


Gordon and Bullock encounter a creepy killer who is after the adrenal glands of his victims. It’s not just any version of adrenaline this man is after, it’s the heightened form of Cortisol that produces our fight or flight reactions. He’s trying to obtain it by using “fraidy cats” from a phobia support group. He infiltrates the group and preys on people using their exact phobias. The villain is not caught by the end of the episode!


Wow! So much happened!

  • With Penguin separated from Don Falcone will he actually survive? What’ll happen when he gets back to Gotham?
  • Will Fish live? Who was the guy sent after her on the boat? Why did he growl?
  • What finally happened to Maroni? Surely now that Penguin has escaped Maroni needs to either kill Penguin or get the hell outta town.


I guess we’ll find out on the next episode of Gotham!

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