Review: Gotham What the Little Bird Told him

Synopsis: Gruber, seeking revenge on his old partners, seeks them out for double crossing him. Additionally, the commissioner reinstates Jim who bluffs that he knows why Gruber is going to do. Unfortunately, his partner, Bullock, is also dragged into it. On the mafia side of things, Penguin and Fish head off again. Penguin is attacked while with Don Maroni because Maroni is Gruber’s target. Fish steals back Liza and Penguin, who finally wakes up from electrocution, explains to the current Don that it is Fish behind all of this. The episode ends when Don Falcone remembers why he started. Rumor is: Fish will have a lot of action scenes upcoming. It’s exciting to think there might be more mafia activity in future episodes!


Commentary: Gotham is becoming more complex as time passes. While my synopsis does not clue readers in to many spoilers, there certainly are mischievous acts afoot. I’m sure lovers of Batman are engaged in this series. It reminds me of Batman TAS and it’s enjoyable for new comers as well. The best part? Those who don’t speak English can still, roughly, understand what’s going on.


It’s nice to see the relationship between Bullock and Gordon continue. It truly is a love hate relationship. Before Gordon got to Gotham Bullock had a friend in Fish, was on the mafia’s good side and kept his head down. In this episode,  like others in the series, he is tugged into trouble by his “partner” Gordon. Of course, he never stops trying to weasel his way out; that’s another story though.

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