Review: Gotham, Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

In this episode Fish is tortured, the police have a witness murdered and it turns out it’s cause of a dirty cop. Gordon, of course, doesn’t stop asking questions which leads to him asking a favor of Penguin. The favor, of course, has a horrible price.


Right, well, this episode was a total thrill. Not as much mafia as I’d have liked but still enough brutality to make viewers squirm. Bob, Don Falcone’s “surgeon”, takes over with Fish. His tactics, however, seem a bit laid back. I banked on pulling off fingernails or ripping out hair..maybe gouging out eyes but he had a plastic bag over her head to cut off her oxygen. I guess they have different definitions of “first things come first”.


Of course, Butch comes to save her. He leaves Bob broken for Zsasz, Don Falcone’s right hand man, to find and kill. Butch, after saving Fish, attempts to convince her to leave. It’s touching because he genuinely cares. However, it begets the question, do they have a past together?

Eventually, Fish and Butch found out while attacking Penguin at Fish’s old club. Zsasz corners Butch and asks his sexy assassins whether they should take him home or kill him. This can only mean more mafia torture! Fish escapes by Gotham Port; she’s taken there by Bullock, whose kiss she welcomes before her departure. Can’t wait for the next ep!


Gordon, of course, ruins quite a lot with his meddling. In this episode, we see Gordon turn to Penguin for help. He asks that Penguin helps him to catch Flass- a cop who is illegally dealing drugs. They torture his accomplice’s, Delaware’s, wife; at the end of the episode it’s Delaware who begs (on his knees) that Gordon leaves his wife and kids out of it. To see this man groveling terrifies Gordon and his face is nothing but panic over what he can’t understand. He’d told Penguin no one should get hurt. What a shocker! Will Gordon become the thing he hates? Is there a consequence for Penguin? Is there a way out for Gordon?

By the way, rumor has it, the next episode will have the birth of a villain.

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