Review: Gotham (Rogues’ Gallery)


Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Welcome back to the wonderful world that is GOTHAM.

Summary: Jim Gordon was reassigned to Arkham Asylum where inmates are putting on a play. Of course, Shakespeare goes awry and a guard’s keys are lost. Prisoners begin to get lose, each electrocuted in a different way. The best part: the Arkham director refuses to call for police help.


Meanwhile, in the Mafia, things are progressing rapidly. Penguin’s hubris leads him to unfairly taxing fisherman. As a lesson, the Don sends Penguin to jail. The Don reminds him,

You’re a smart monkey…but you’re a monkey and I’m the zookeeper.


On the other hand there are fights between Jimmy and Fish. Jimmy is next in line if the Don dies because of his seniority. However, Fish wants the position:

It’s new dawn, a new city. I would believe we would need some fresh thinking at the top.


Since Jimmy and Butch go way back, Butch agrees to sneak out to meet him. Of course, he tells Fish it’s to convince Jimmy to put her in charge. Fish, however, was insecure; she shows who she really considers her family. When Butch gets there Jimmy tries to convince Butch to side with him. Instead, Butch convincingly agrees but murders Jimmy and leaves casually soon afterward.


Back at the asylum,  Gordon deals with Nurse Duncan who has suggested that the basement was free of extra files for years. As it turns out, she was a prisoner in the original asylum. When it fell apart, Dorothy Duncan escaped to the basement and later “returned” as a “nurse”. She is trampled, while releasing the prisoners, in an attempt to run from Gordon. However, it is not until the corner report is in do they realize that she, too, was electrocuted.


At the asylum, a guard and Dr. Lang- the director, are murdered. The murderers are Aaron, an experiment, and Jack Gruber, his creator. Gruber leaves a note for Gordon explaining that he had been experimenting for many years and had finally perfected Aaron. He does not leave much about his plans.

Commentary: Well, Gotham got freaky. So, the New Year brings a new setting for Gordon and a new city for Fish. Lucky for Gordon, not much has changed. Bullock is still fanatic about working with him. The Captain actually says she would bring him back, if it were in her power. On the other hand, the episode makes you wonder: what is Fish up to? What’s her true relationship to Butch? I certainly hope there’s more back story and development there. Also, why is Penguin suddenly acting on hubris? Is he planning some way to overthrow the Don as well? Other than that, the episode was a blast to watch 🙂

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