Review: Gotham episode 2

Irving Arias

Gotham Review ep2

This week’s episode of Gotham opens with young Bruce Wayne placing his hand over a lit candle. Bruce is immediately caught harming himself by Alfred, showing how Bruce begins to detach himself from the world and face the pain of reality.


Soon after that scene, the show goes straight to an alley filled with homeless students, which quickly turns horrid as two unknown assailants, pretending to be officials, begin abducting the homeless children. Cat, being one of the homeless children to witness the abduction, escapes.


The episode then concentrates on Officer Gordon trying to figure out who is abducting the homeless. With no leads, and only a homeless child to explain that they are being taken, the police department quickly dismisses the problem. Luckily, the test Edward Nigma ran on a dead body showed a drug that tranquilizes the target. Realizing the victim died on Fish turf, they must confront Fish to find out what happened.


In the other side of the story Penguin lives in exile, vowing to return. A couple teens give  Penguin a lift. While in the car, the teens make fun of Penguin, and he kills the arrogant one giving the audience a split view of him.


Meanwhile, as Officer Gordon and his partners begin to unravel the mystery of the abductions, they seek out Fish for guidance. She harbors no visual hate from last episode’s cluster funk, and is “kind” enough to help Gordon. She also reminds him that he is just like all the criminals in Gotham. The tip leads to a vendor who sells children overseas. They find the two assailants at the buyers place, and a fire fight ensues. In the end, the two assailants flee but the vendor is caught and the abducted children are also found.


This leads to an immediate press conference for the Mayor to congratulate Office Gordon and his partner for “a job well done”. However, it’s all a front to make the Mayor seem  like a good public service man. The Mayor actually sends all homeless children to Juvenile Hall. The two assailants hijack the bus of children meant to be transferred to Juvenile Hall. Cat, one of the abducted children, attempts to flee again, but fails.


At Headquarters, the mayor is outraged and demands a resolution to the problem. Officer Gordon interrogates the vendor along with his partner Harvey. Cat attempts to flee once more as the kids are taken off the bus; this time she succeeds which leads to the assailants and their goons for the young Cat.


In the end, Gordon manages to find where the kids have been taken. He manages to save Cat before she is shot by one of the assailants. After the ordeal, Gordon visits Bruce and tries to console having heard about his attempt at self harm. His concern falls on deaf ears as Bruce declares that he is only testing himself.

The scene cuts to Penguin who has one of the two teens bound by duct tape but in asking for ransom to the boy’s mother. Because the mother doesn’t believe her boy has been taken, Penguin can not negotiate. This disappoints Penguin, as the scene goes dark we are left wondering what his next move was.

The episode ends back at Gotham headquarters. Officer Gordon meets with Cat who confesses that she knows who killed Bruce’s parents.

Overall, the episode was entertaining, similar to the Dark Knight movie.  At times, it felt amateur, as child acting can be difficult. However, the story maintains its integrity and continues to keep the audience entertained. This weeks episode gets an 8.0 out of 10.

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