Review: Gotham ep 1

Review: Gotham  ep 1

Irving Arias

Gotham is the new TV series on Fox, which takes place in the criminally dominated city of Gotham.

Plot: In a time before the Dark Knight (Batman) would rise to save Gotham, the series centers around a young Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) the same Jim Gordon that would later on become police commissioner of Gotham. Jim Gordon begins his adventure as a cop on his first assignment- the death of young Bruce Wayne’s parents. Jim confronts Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz. Officer Gordon promises Bruce that he will find the killer.

Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX

At the start of the show we get a first look of Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) when she is also just a child. Selina Kyle, played by Camren Bicondova. Later referred to as Kat or Cat, Selina witnesses the death of Bruce’s parents.


Like most Batman origin stories, the series follows through correctly; Bruce and his parents are in a dark alley and a shadowy figure steps out to rob his parents, which leads to the robber shooting his father and mother. In this series, Cat witnesses the shooting and chooses to stay silent. The series shows Cat at a young age to be very capable, having mastered many of the skills that would later make her into Catwoman. She lives in the streets and is excellent thief.


Cat flees after Jim Gordon arrives on the scene. Jim a good cop, a White Knight, begins to investigate the murder. Along the way, he begins to discover the corruption of Gotham and how much influence the mob (particularly Carmine Falcon) has on the city. Fish, Lt to Gordon, being a powerful women in control of her own gang, seeks to overthrow Carmine. In this massive struggle for power Fish plans to rise to the top with her own Lt, Oswald Cobblepot (a.k.a The Penguin). Young Oswald, played by Robin Taylor, is portrayed to be a coward and a definite villain off the bat. Around his teens, he to seeks to overthrow Fish (played by the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith) and rule Gotham.

Officer Gordon must weather between these criminals in order to find who killed Bruce’s parents partnered with Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue. Harvey quickly gives off the corrupt cop vibe but as the story evolves, we begin to see him as someone who has to play dirty to do some good in a city full of evil. Gordan and his partner are lead into a wild goose chase by Fish.


We see cameos of future Batman villains, such as the Riddler (a.k.a Edward Nigma) and even Poison Ivy whose father is framed for the death of Bruce’s parents. After discovering that Ivy’s abusive father was not the killer, Gordon confronts Fish which nearly leads to the death of his partner and him. Luckily, Falcone saves them both for selfish reasons. It is later revealed that Oswald had snitched on Fish and revealed that Fish setup up Ivy’s Father. Upon realizing this, Fish brutally punishes Oswald, who is then later condemned to death by Falcone for the betrayal. The death sentence by order of Falcone is to be carried out by Officer Gordon. Gordan can not kill him with a clear conscience. However, he also can’t refuse Falcon without suffering dire consequences.


He reluctantly agrees to kill Oswald (revealed as a ruse). Gordon pretends to shoot Oswald but purposefully misses. Warning Oswald not to return, he releases him into the Ocean surrounding Gotham. In the last moments of the episode Oswald is seen swearing his return to the city.


Plot and creativity: 5/5

Effects: 4/5

Character development: 5/5

overall: 14/15

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