Review: Doctor Who Series 8 Premiere – “Deep Breath”

Sorry this is a little late everyone! We’ve been really busy here.


First of all, WELCOME BACK DOCTOR! I can’t tell you all how much I missed having something good to watch on Saturday nights! Back in High School I would look forward to the weekly Naruto episode on Toonami/Cartoon Network and after that got boring I eventually found Who, and fell in love.

Much like Miles Nelson’s Attack on Titan reviews, which can be found here, I will be doing weekly Doctor Who episodic reviews.  Anyways without further ado let’s get on to the review shall we?

Doctor Who’s newest episode titled “Deep Breath” takes us on yet another wild ride with our favorite Gallifreyan, or at least one of them, Master and Rassilon fans also deserve love too. I will be upfront right now about my feelings towards this episode. I was not a fan particularly. It’s not that it wasn’t a good episode (it was meh) it’s just that it felt…How shall I put this? I was disappointed. I was expecting some rip roaring adventure but instead we got cry baby Clara complaining about how it’s not the same doctor that she fell in love with.


Story: 2/5

One of the worst Doctor Who stories I’ve experienced. There is no real plot here. I mean what the hell is with some robot dude killing people since the beginning of time to replace the robotic parts and make himself more human? I mean I get that it is a story that fits into the Whoniverse but I just think it’s a piece of crap. Oh, and when the Doctor is trying to remember where he has seen them before, I wonder if it was a Madame Du Pompadour reference from “The Girl in the Fireplace”? Regardless it was a stupid premise. In addition to that what the fuck is with Clara’s moping? She’s a whiny little brat almost the entire episode! Not only did it detract from my enjoyment but it made me glad that her character is leaving. I’ve never wanted a companion gone until now.

Capaldi, from all I’ve heard, is supposed to be a more serious doctor yet the show opens with dinosaurs and Doctor Capaldi unable to remember anyone one fully or their names. It all seems a bit silly to me. I don’t like it. It opened in true Who fashion, not “Capaldi Who” which (from what I’ve heard, I don’t listen to any interviews or read anything about the series until it starts again) is supposed to be a more serious doctor. No flirting and I believe a lot less hijinks, we will see how long that lasts. The Doctor has a new personality trying to overlap his old one (Doctor Smith). This is especially evident when he leaves Clara behind in the spaceship. Well he doesn’t really leave her behind but we are left to assume he does.

Lastly, who is Missy? I think she is this mysterious woman that wants the Doctor and Clara together, she seems to have some kind of fascination with the Doctor as is evidenced by her calling him her boyfriend. Side note: I wonder how River feels about this? I mean she has to know right? His future is her past. Anyways back on point, I have a strong feeling that Missy is going to be the main villain for this Story Arc.

So, all in all, this episode’s story is not awful, but it’s also not the best ever. It’s by far my least favorite episode, ever.


Effects: 4/5

Now normally Who’s effects are so amazing that they would generate a 5/5 rating from me; however in the very beginning the T-Rex in London looked off compared to its background. So off, in fact, that you didn’t think for a minute that maybe it was a prop and not SFX. As usual though the makeup was amazing,  I wish I knew how they made half the guys face all robotic with working gears inside! All in all the effects, makeup included, in Who are awesome.


Characters: 3/5

Come on Jenny and Madam Vastra, stop bickering and do something! I don’t really see the point of those two, or Strax for that matter. What I am really annoyed at, so far at least, is Doctor Capaldi’s personality! He’s a more rigid, less fun, more of a “my way or the highway” type of character. That doesn’t work for the Doctor! The Doctor is this zany, goofy, fun loving, and loveable dope that gets himself in trouble all the time. I am interested in seeing how Capaldi plays the Doctor, but I do not have high hopes.


Overall: 3/5

My overall score for this episode is a middle score of 3/5 because while I didn’t absolutely hate the entire thing, I was less then impressed. In fact, I was underwhelmed at what an odd premiere this was. I think that they will have to work really hard to write for Capaldi as a serious doctor and I’m looking forward to seeing it, but I do not want more of this shit.



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