Review: Doctor Who – Into The Dalek

Howdy folks! I know it’s been a few weeks since the premiere of Doctor Who and my last review. I apologize, school has taken its toll on my schedule. Anyways, let’s get on with it shall we?


“Into The Dalek” a very straightforward and appropriate title considering they actually go into a fucking Dalek! I must say, it was a really interesting episode. I loved seeing the Daleks internals and such.



Spoilers inbound!

Story 2/5: The story was as this season has proved so far, a letdown. That being said, however,  of the episodes I’ve seen so far this is the best. Granted this is a review for the second episode…

In this episode the Doctor and Clara go inside of a Dalek that is sick, as it turns out, from a radiation leak. This leak is causing the Dalek to be nice, which as we all know is uncharacteristic for a Dalek.


The story isn’t awful but I must say it isn’t really thrilling. The doctor, some militant people and Clara go inside of the Dalek to stop the leak. While inside they get attacked by Dalek antibodies. Which turns out are robot…things? I don’t really know what they are but they’re robotish and Dalekish I guess.

dalek antibody

As per usual, the Doctor goes crazy and does his own thing which- with Capaldi- I’m not actually a fan of. I think it’s great when Tennant goes nuts, or Smith even Eccleston . I just don’t like Capaldi. Maybe I’ll learn to like him, but I think I may just stop watching Doctor Who.

Though the whole Missy thing is intriguing me, in the premiere we saw her “rescue “that robot dude and take him to the “promised land” and in this episode that chick gets vaporized by the antibodies and ends up with Missy. At first I thought they really were dead after seeing her get vaporized, but then I started thinking about it and what if Missy is tracking the doctor and just as this chick is about to get vaporized she teleports her away?


Effects 5/5: At least this is in true Who style! The effects were awesome and very realistic looking. The inside of a Dalek was a unique place, who knew there was more in their than just the living creature?


Characters 1/5: How many different fucking ways can you say BORING?! I don’t even remember half of the characters! Moffat get your fucking act together! I stopped caring for the characters this season. Except for Clara and the Doctor of course, and Missy piques my curiosity but that’s pretty much it.


Overall 2/5: Now my overall score may seem low to some of you but this episode just didn’t feel right me. I mean I’ve watched a lot of Who and I don’t know this doesn’t feel the same show. I’m still gonna give Capaldi a chance but he has some really big shoes to fill.

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