Review: Deadpool 2016

What’s that? You can’t put a character like this on the big screen under Marvel’s name? It’ll only hurt their good image? Well, they did it anyway, and it feels more like a new twist. I can’t say that it’s a “better” twist considering how violent and juvenile it is, but it is nice to see Marvel do something different for a change. Deadpool is unlike any other Marvel character out there. He’s a violent, immature pervert who carries blades with him and has regenerating abilities similar to those of Wolverine. He’s an assassin and bounty hunter who never shuts the hell up.

All I can say about the story is that it’s about some violent thug who works for these other violent thugs. He then discovers that he has cancer. Refusing to say goodbye to the woman he loves, he joins an illegal organization who says they can cure him but just want to turn him into a mutant killing machine. After that, one weird thing happens after another.

Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing here talking about this movie when it’s already so self-referencing. It makes fun of itself nonstop – from beginning to end. It knows it’s dumb and violent and plays off of it. It has that typical comic book movie cheesiness but at the same time, it’s something that Marvel doesn’t normally do. It’s not like another kidsy Avengers or Spider-Man movie and more like Kick-Ass or Kingsmen.

A lot of people were really shocked by the content of this movie. I read a lot of the Deadpool comics back in the day so I pretty much knew what was coming. None of it really shocked me. I guess my only problem with it is that in terms of action comedies, it’s nothing new. It’s the typical movie about some smart-ass who goes around swearing and cracking dumb sex jokes. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best action comedies either, but as a live-action Deadpool movie, it’s everything you’d expect. They got this character down pretty fucking spot-on. The fourth wall jokes are done so well. The pop-cultural jokes are not only clever, they’re Marvel’s way of making fun of itself. Although, I thought for sure he’d say something like “can you imagine us doing this shit if Disney owned us? Oh right, can’t mention Disney. You heard nothing”. Hang in there Deadpool, you’ve already got a sequel in the works. Your chance to make fun of copyright will come again.

Ryan Reynolds has definitely been preparing for this role. He’s been reading all the comics and never shuts up when he’s in character. Half of his lines are improvised, which could also show that he’s been practicing all the cheesy jokes. Pretty much all the characters in this are the same. Everyone in it is either a thief, a murderer, a gangster, or just a really big douchebag. The only good guy in it is Colossus. He never does anything bad and tries to be a good X-Man. I will admit though, that Nega teen sonic…whatever her name is was awesome.

This was a really ballsy move on Marvel’s behalf. They’ve done R-rated films before, but this is the first time they REALLY took advantage of that R-rating. If you read the comics too, I doubt you’d be surprised by any of it either. If I had any little ones at home, I know I wouldn’t let them see it. There are non-stop killings, explosions, swearing, dick jokes, strippers, and drug references. It’s everything you’d want out of Deadpool on the big screen. It’s a side of Marvel that I think a lot of us have been wanting to see. It’s nothing new in its category, but I liked it a lot.

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