Super Mario Bros. 3, released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of my favorite Mario games ever. The music, the difficulty curve, the items, the enemies, the world layout, so many things make this a great game. All these years later it still manages to give me a run for my money…or coins in this case…get it? Money? Coins? Mario game? Yeah, okay, that was dumb, I’m sorry.

Now, onto the deconstruction! Yes, this time I’m actually going to review it. LET’S-A GO!


Being a Mario game, there’s not much story to go on, so I don’t think I can really say much about it. Bowser kidnapped Peach, Mario (and Luigi) have to go through the 8 worlds to get to her, and Mario gets friend-zoned yet again thus making us question who the true villain of this franchise is!


Again, this is a Mario game so there are certain things you can expect to happen and not to happen. The music is awesome, but it’s a Mario game, of course the music is awesome! Every world having an appropriate “Map Theme” and then the music in-level being just as good!

This isn’t so much music as sound effects, but I just want to say on a personal note, how much I LOVE that the jingle that plays when you use the Warp Whistle is the same jingle that plays when Link uses the recorder in the original The Legend of Zelda!


The difficulty curve is, admittedly, very smooth with all the power-ups and whatnot. I just always have trouble because I tend to skip entire worlds using the warp whistle, making the difficulty jump incredibly.

In Conclusion

Mario 3 is amazing, although to this day, it still gets me frustrated because of how hard it is, but honestly, that’s what I prefer about older games, the challenge generally inherit.

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