Recap – Arrow Season 5 Episode 2, “The Candidate”

The stakes with Damien Dahrk’s Ghosts are getting higher, and is making this season interesting.
“Arrow” starts off with Team Arrow taking down Ghosts, but during the mission, Oliver notices Speedy/Thea becoming increasingly violent.
In a flashback, we see Oliver trying to infiltrate A.R.G.U.S. He ends up taking the place of one of the soldiers he’s killed, losing the long hair he’s had, sporting the buzzcut we’ve seen since the present.
In one of the smaller side plots, an employee creates an algorithm for Palmer Tech, that Felicity uses to fix wages within the company. However, this forces her to fire many employees to save company money, including the man who created the algorithm.
Most of the episode focuses on the Queens’ mother’s friend, Jessica Danforth, running for mayor. It doesn’t go well, with the Ghosts sabotaging the campaign.
One of the Ghosts, Anarky, goes rogue and kidnaps Danforth’s daughter. Team Arrow manages to save her, but Speedy nearly kills the kidnapper. Danforth resigns.
After the chaos, Oliver devises a bold plan: run for mayor of Star City.
The episode ends with Thea and Laurel heading to Kuala Lumpur. But before they do, they exhume the corpse of Laurel’s sister, Sara. As a featured cast member for the CW’s other show “Heroes of Tomorrow,” it’s likely Laurel wanting to bring her back with the Lazarus Pit.
All in all, the episode was great. Stakes are rising, and the nods to current and upcoming CW shows are always a plus. And with the help of the flashbacks, we see the shift from Oliver Queen, to the “monster” other characters kept referring to in the premiere.


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