Pyromania Update: Day 1

As I was posting my introduction, I came upon an epiphany. I was struck by MGR’s… well, I’m new here, so I figure I have an excuse for not knowing what the proper term is — perhaps ‘motto’ or ‘subtitle‘ — whatever the official name for it is, the phrase stuck in my head.

Geek out!

The way I figure it, that’s why we’re here, and that’s what we celebrate: the stuff that makes us geek out. I do remind you that I am new here – it is theoretically possible that I could be gravely mistaken – but I think this is a safe bet. Almost instantly my mind flashed to the moment I woke up this morning.

Before I had fully opened my eyes, I had already launched myself halfway across the room and was at my computer. For the past week Valve has been running an ARG (Alternate Reality Game – a broad genre of interactive experiences, sometimes used as a form of advertisement, often requiring the community of players to work together to solve puzzles and uncover more information/story) centered around one of their most popular multiplayer games, Team Fortress 2 – and the latest clue (a blog post in which the short and long words, when substituted, respectively, with dots and dashes, spelled out “monday” in Morse code) pointed to something big happening today. I couldn’t be happier with what I saw.

An update centered around the Pyro, my personal favorite class (playable in-game character), it doesn’t get any better than this (at least for me and my friends – those playing against me may not end up loving it to the same degree). Today is day one of the update – they’ve announced a whole new gamemode: Doomsday, a ton of backstory to the game, and, perhaps most importantly, the release date for Meet the Pyro – the final title in a series of short films about the TF2 classes – something the Team Fortress fan community has eagerly waited over five years for.

What new things will be announced tomorrow? What further things are revealed when The Pyromania Update goes live alongside Meet The Pyro this Wednesday? I have no idea, and I can hardly wait.

Can’t wait yourself? Want to see what all my 429-word fuss is about? Think it will make me stop using all these rhetorical questions? For nearly a year now, Team Fortress 2 has been free to play – just head over to steam and you can join me – along with the scores of thousands of others playing at any moment.

‘Till next time, have fun, and Kungaloosh!

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