PS3 News: Mamorukun Curse! and its free DLCs blast off July 16

Mamorukun Curse! is a “cute ’em up” style top-down shooter game from UFO Interactive, being released in North America on Tuesday July 16 for $19.99 on the PlayStation®Network.

It features 3 different modes of gameplay, 66 trophies that you can unlock, “and level after level of screens riddled with bullets.” UFO Interactive has decided that they will also be releasing all the DLCs included in the original Japanese version of Mamorukun Curse! for free with purchase.

Included with the launch DLCs are:

  • Different costumes for each of the 7 characters (below you will find artwork depicting all 7 characters in their original and alternate costumes).
  • Extra courses
  • As well as 2 extra characters Nowa and Rukino that you can play as


About Mamorukun Curse!

“Published by UFO Interactive Games, and developed by G.rev Ltd. and Gulti, this “cute ’em up”-style shooter follows Mamorukun and several other Chosen Souls who have been plucked from the realm of the living and tossed into the Netherworld. Not remembering how they all wound up in such a strange place, the Chosen Souls are immediately ordered by the wholesomely cute and utterly demanding Ms. Fululu, to assist her in restoring balance to the Netherworld and stopping the World of Darkness from taking over. With their newly acquired Curse Powers, the Chosen Souls must fight their way through the Netherworld in order to find and seal the gate that separates the Netherworld from the World of Darkness before it’s too late.”

For the most recent gameplay trailer, check out the UFO Interactive Games YouTube channel. and in the days before the release of Mamorukun Curse! UFO will be releasing news assets on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Costumes_Rukino Costumes_Nowa Costumes_Mayuno Costumes_Mamoru Costumes_Kinya Costumes_Fururu Costumes_Beniko

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