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Ever since E3 2012, Watch Dogs has generated quite an uproar in the gaming world, promising a next-gen feel amongst open world games. What separates Watch Dogs from the rest is the element of hacking brings the open world to a new level, creating life in a city connected through a digital grip at the palm of your hands, where the protagonist can literally turn a whole city into a playground. Whether you like the game or you don’t, there’s some addictive aspect into learning more about games that have little to offer, information wise, so we compiled a list of things you need to know before the May 27th release of Watch Dogs.

The Story

The story of Watch Dogs revolves around Aiden Pearce. A seasoned hacker and one of the best out there. During one of his jobs, he crosses paths with the people who will lead to the murder of his niece Lena, which will then lead to Aiden’s path of vengeance.

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The Characters

Aiden Pearce
The main protagonist of the game and the player. We won’t spoil who Aiden is, but what we can tell you is that he’s one of the best hackers around and seems to be connected to the Chicago underworld.

Jordi Chin
Little is know between the partnership between Jordi and Aiden. They seem to have this love/hate relationship between each other where both characters seem to question each others’ motif and ideals of living. Think of him as the Public Relations Rep. For the Chicago underworld.

The insane, eccentric hacker and Aiden’s partner in crime. T-Bone is another playable character from a DLC content. He helps Aiden through his path of vengeance while carving out his own vendetta.

Clara Lillie
The person responsible for giving Aiden the most powerful weapon I’m his arsenal: The Smartphone. She’ll also assist Aiden in his path of vengeance together with T-Bone.

Chicago is the playground off all your hacks in the game. The city is densely packed so you’ll encounter a lot of NPCs around as well as a bustling city.

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Multiplayer will come in different Flavors in game:

– Intrusion: Players get to plans viruses on other players to hack for information.

– Decryption: A 4v4 mode similar to capture the flag where players obtain a device that needs decrypting. First team to decrypt the device wins.


– Tablet Intergation: if you have a tablet, you’ll be able to download the companion app for Watch Dogs. You’ll have the ability to challenge players online playing on the console with one clear objective: Stop the player before he clears all check points. As a tablet player, you’ll have command of Chicago’s finest as well as the city’s digital grid, stopping or delaying the console player’s advancement through the check points.

– 8 player Free Roam: it is exactly what the title says. Get 8 players in the densely populated virtual Chicago and let the go nuts.

– Racing: This isn’t 100% confirmed yet, but our sources say that there’s a multiplayer racing game mode in the game, honestly why not? It would be awesome to race other players with the same hacking abilities like you do.

Player Customization


Players will be able to change Aiden’s outfits and depending on which pre-order you get, you’ll also have exclusive outfits in-game, the outfit system is similar to that in Assassin’s Creed. At the moment, it is not known if you’ll get any perks wearing certain outfits.


You’ll be able to purchase weapons in stores around Chicago.



You’ll have the chance to participate in side missions where Aiden is required to “obtain” cars, in return, those cars will be made available to you upon delivery through your smart phone.


The Map size for Watch Dogs is roughly 1/3 or 1/4 the size of the map of GTA V. The developers of Watch Dogs concentrated on making a small map to densely populate the area for the sake of having more NPCs cars around while the player traverses the city of Chicago.


Believe it or not, Watch Dogs also offered mini-games found throughout the city. These Mini-games are called “Digital Mind Trips”. During a mind trip, Aiden passes out and basically lives a fantasy within the game. A good example of this is where the player gets to play as a Mechanical Spider and the main objective is to destroy as much as you can. There are different types of Mind Trips within the game and we expect to see more mini-game action when the game releases.


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Here are some of the gameplay Features:

– Over 100 different types of Hacks available.
– Hacking skills could be upgraded via skill tree.
– 3 types of vehicles: Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats.
– Side missions include: Taking over a CtOS area, taking out gang hideouts, finding missing persons, scanning QR codes found around the city.

Control Scheme

We will be updating this article for the latest about Watch Dogs! So tell us, what do you like about the game?

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