Preview: The Last of Us


One of the most anticipated games of the summer is coming once again from Naughty Dog
Studios. The Last of Us made a huge impact at last year’s E3 and is finally making a debut. But before you dive in the wold full of hostile humans and echo-locating zombies, we’ll show you what to expect so you can survive the Last of Us.


The game feels very similar to Uncharted, honestly a lot of people assumed that Joel was Nathan Drake. How can we blame them? Both protagonists share a very similar look, but their methods and character are in the extreme opposite. Playing as Joel, you’ll feel like a hardcore badass since he is simply unrelenting. His movements and fighting style is all based on the ability to survive. You’ll feel his desperation to live with every punch he dishes out to the enemies and feel his tension when hiding from the plant infested zombies.


The magic of the game isn’t in the game, but its the small details that make the game stand out. Especially Ellie, your little partner through these adventures. No matter where you are in the game, the characters will either interact with the environment or will always have something to say. If you wander in a forested area, Ellie might pick up a flower and talk about her past related to the plant or when you stumble by a broken down record store and Ellie will have a look around and look for her favorite CD. Even during enemy encounters, the AI presents a phenomenal level of intelligence. They might surrender or retreat if you point the gun at them or simply run away if you take out one of their mates.



As I’ve mentioned before, this game is hard to look at without thinking about Uncharted. The game feels very similar to it minus the agility of Nathan Drake, of course. Gameplay changes from survival situations to platform puzzles and keeps the game flow perfectly. Stealth is a huge part of the game, where avoiding violence is highly recommended. Some encounters are unavoidable of course and the AI will do almost anything to take you out. Flanking, grouping, environmental weapons, anything goes with the AI. Depending on the situation and how you deal with the problem, the AI would react very intelligently, for example, you maybe able to bluff your way through enemies who are unarmed just by simply pointing your gun at them, regardless if you have ammo or not. It’s going to be up to them to decide to call your bluff.



This game is beautiful to look at and with the help of life-like characters to push the story forward, you’ll feel captivated in a world where the apocalypse is all about survival. As we mentioned before, it’s the little things that make this game outstanding and the fact that the relationship between Ellie and Joel makes the game feel alive in some sorts. You’ll feel every emotional pain and suffering each of these characters portray and we’re extremely excited to see where this adventure will take us.


This is just the preview of the game and we’re already in awe. We’re just hoping the full game could make a huge impact in the gaming community and in media. Naughty Dog already knows their stake in this and they’ve done it before. Our adventures with him were nothing but epic, so all eyes are now on the new game that will tell the story of how the world ends and what we do with The Last of Us.

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