Preview: Pokemon X and Y

Written by: Trentyn Taylor


You have seen the gameplay of Pokemon for the past few years, and since the very first Pokemon that came on a Gameboy in 1998. From version after another, the world of Pokemon had evolved and developed new features, but now it’s time for the review of the next Generation of Pokemon X and Y version that will be coming in October 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS.

The journey of this version starts in the 3-D world of the Kalos region, where new beginnings await new trainers, new places, and new pokemon – whose numbers now swell beyond 700. As how the 3D designs you can finally see the sky for the second time since Pokemon Black and White version. Not to mention that it’s almost like a platform game.


Have you ever wished that in Pokemon that a trainer could sit in an actual chair, or any other object, well now the wait is over because they allow every sprite to sit down for the very first time in the whole game series that has never been thought out the series of Pokemon Games. Now it’s time for the first 3D battle when Pokemon can actually move and react to either damage or attacks. The fainting part and the Pokemon trainers’ appearance will have to wait until the game comes out. There are verities of new features involved including being able to ride certain Pokemon within certain areas. Here’s are the two trailers of Pokemon X and Y that will features three of the starting pokemon for this version: Chespin the Grass Type, Fennekin the Fire Type, and Froakie the Water Type, along with two of the main Legendary pokemons: Xerneas and Yveltal.


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