Preview: iOS 8: The Cool Features!

iOS 8, pretty crazy isn’t it? Tons more features for a phone way behind in software innovation. Now that isn’t to say that the phone or the operating system isn’t great, but c’mon, we’ve seen this before. So we’re condensing the cool features that’ll be appearing on your iOS device In the near future.

Here’s the video from the WWDC event for iOS 8 for you lazy bastards.

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For those of you who aren’t aware, WWDC 2014 is currently going on in San Francisco. That means developers and engineers developing for Apple are gearing up for the new upgrade in systems, mainly the softwares Apple just announced and since almost everyone on Earth sees to have an iPhone, we’re highlighting the cool features of iOS 8.

1) Keyboard Upgrade
In iOS 8, the keyboard on your iPhone is enhanced to accommodate a new kind of predictive texting. You’ll get your usual autocorrect, of course, but this time around there’s predictive words. Your iPhone and iPad will now have the ability to predict the next word in your sentence. Even better is the addition of learning the way you type to different people in your contacts or email. For example, if you email your boss and you compose formal letters for him/her, your predictive text will compose formal words you would normally use between your communication. When texting a friend, informal words will be suggested instead. Also, the keyboard is now available for developers to mess with so be prepared for a bunch of swipe apps.

2) Messages
Speaking of texts, Apple has also upgraded the Messages app allowing for more options to send messages. Voice messages is now available as well as an easy way to send video messages. A simple gesture of holding down your finger and swiping up instantly sends a voice or video message to your desired contact. That’s right! No more hands! You can now manage your group threads havering the options to invite certain people to the thread, kick someone off a thread, leave a thread and turn on a “Do Not Disturb” feature so you don’t have to be bothered by the constant vibrations of your phone and simply read when you want to read the thread. Did I mention that you can now alert your friends where you are on the map? Sooo…what happens to find my friends?


3) Widgets!
Hold on now, this isn’t the kind of Widgets you’re thinking about. Thanks to iOS 8′ extensibility towards third party developers, you may now have Widgets!…on your notifications screen…not there yet, but hey, Apple is headed the right direction.

4) Health
Why the hell is Health a cool feature?! It has to do with the central place for you to track almost everything that has to do with your health. Calories, sleep, heartbeat, etc. Third Party apps have access to this feature too, so if you have a food app, an exercise app and a medicine app, you can have an overview of your health with the help of the centralized health app. Also you can make an emergency card for your doctor to see and keep track of your health.

5) Siri
“Hey Siri!” I bet that phrase reminds you of what their competitor has. Siri can be woken up this time around by simply calling out to her, but like the widgets, it has a downside, she (he if you have a male Siri or a different language) can only do this while she’s plugged in. Why Apple didn’t just apply this in the overall functionality of the system is beyond me, but according to our sources, Apple is following the “Making the car smart” idea. Oh and Siri has Shazam integrated into her now so you can ask her what the hell you’re listening.


6) Interactive Notifications
You can now reply without going into the Messages app! Thank you Apple! So instead of you leaving your app, you can simply reply by swiping down. The cool part is that Apple has allowed third party developers to have access on the interactive notifications so they can add their apps for important messages.

7) Camera
Camera comes in jam packed with new editing tools for Instagram…erm photo enthusiasts to make their photos more vibrant for show and tell. Smart cropping and smart adjustments to create the perfect photo. They’ve installed a three second timer for you selfie lovers as well as a time lapse feature so you can capture the moving clouds while you leave your phone staring into the sky for hours.

8) Spotlight
If you’re constantly on the net researching around Wikipedia or looking for the perfect app, you need not leave your home screen anymore. Apple has upgraded spotlight searching so you can keep glued to your device without the hassle of googling something (like that would happen). Spotlight can now search for nearby restaurants, scores in sports, movie times, Wikipedia, the App Store, iTunes and so on. Even better? They applied it to their web browser in safari so it can make suggestions too.

There are still a lot of features iOS 8 has in store so keep it here as we bring you some updates as we find out more. Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot more cool features in the new iOS, these eight simply stood out during the time we got our hands on it.

So what excites you about the new iOS, let us know and heck, we might even put your answers up as a featured article.

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