Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal episode 9 and 10 Review

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 9-Serenity-Princess


By Emma Smith


These are the huge points in a nutshell! Princess Serenity’s identity is revealed. The legendary silver crystal appears. Beryl takes Mamoru away. Sailor Venus is the actual leader of the sailor Guardians while Sailor Moon is the princess. It turns out Sailor Venus was never the princess, she pretended to be the princess to protect the princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. Artemis spoke about their past lives on the Silver Millennium. The Shitennou start to realize they knew Endymion. Usagi feels heartbroken; the others go to visit her. They decide to go the moon and find out all the secrets.

I’m very happy that they’re continuing to be closer to the manga. I love that they explained things that the 90s anime took out. The animation, as usual, looks incredible.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 – Moon

Usagi dearly misses Mamoru. Luna and the Sailor Guardians go to the moon to find out about their our past lives; the way they transport to the Moon looks cool. They land on the Moon and see the ruins of the Silver Millenium, specifically ruins of the Moon castle. In the prayer room there’s the first appearance of the Sword of the Mystical Silver Crystal or The Holy Blade. Luna tells the sailors to pull out the Sword but Sailor Venus was the one that was able to pull it out. Queen Serenity appears from where the sword was, she communicates, even though her body had perished. She says she sent Artemis and Luna to the Earth after putting them in suspended animation. Queen Serenity reveals that Princess Serenity visited Earth to see Prince Endymion, the Prince of the Earth. (The Sailor Guardians and Princess Serenity were friends back then.) Then, she mentions a evil creature (Metalia) that invaded Earth. It schemed to take control of the Legendary Silver Crystal, brainwashed humans and attacked the Moon. Prince Endymion tried to defend Princess Serenity and Beryl stabbed Prince Endymion in Princess Serenity’s place. Afterward, Princess Serenity committed suicide. Queen Serenity used the Legendary Silver crystal to seal Metalia/the evil creature. Silver Millenuim got turned into stone and the country of Earth died out. The true power of the Legendary Silver Crystal has to be used to completely defeat the evil force (Metalia). Only Sailor Moon is able to do this. Queen Serenity tells Sailor Moon to be happy then disappears. Luna and the Sailor Guardians return to Earth where Sailor Moon decides “[we should] find [out] the true meaning of our rebirth.” Queen Metalia tells Queen Beryl to get rid of supposedly dead Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru, but Beryl says there’s still a good use for him.

The Shitennou suddenly remember their memories of being knights/guardians for Prince Endymion. They were reborn at first to find him again, but revealed Beryl awakened them before they regained their memories. Beryl takes control of them again, ordering them to get rid of the Sailor Guardians and take the Legendary Silver Crystal. The Sailor Guardians arrive at the scene as the possessed Shitennou was freezing Tokyo. The inner Sailor Guardians fight the Shitennou. Sailor Venus reveals Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite were knights for Prince Endymion and were lovers of the Sailor Guardians in their past lives. Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Escalation and the inner Sailor Guardians use Sailor Planet Attack; the Shitennou flee. Queen Beryl reawakens Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask with Queen Metalia’s power. You see Queen Beryl looking happy for Endymion to be under her control, as I will reveal it in a while. Queen Beryl orders him to kill the Princess aka Sailor Moon and take the Legendary Silver Crystal, so Mamoru is now a minion for the Dark Kingdom. The episode ends there.

I thought the episode was accurate to the manga content. However, I did notice the addition that the Shitennou and the inner Sailor Guardians being former lovers. It wasn’t official in the manga, but I do remember there was an image that Naoko Takeuchi drew of the Sailor Guardians and the Shitennou being couples like Kunzite X Sailor Venus, Jadeite X Sailor Mars, Nephrite X Sailor Jupiter, and Zoisite X Mercury. A few had canonical support, but it had been debated in fandom. In the series, the Shitennou stay alive longer; in the manga they get killed off early on. There had been talk that the additions in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal are things that Naoko Takeuchi wanted; if it’s the creator’s wish who are we to argue? I hope that’s true. I loved that the series kept the original tragic deaths of Prince Endymion and the suicide of Princess Serenity, which the 90s anime took out. The series continues to impress me and I heard there are going to do the Black Moon arc. I hope they’ll do all the arcs. I’d really love that.

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