Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal episode 14 review

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 14/Act14 – Conclusion and Commencement- Petite Etrangere

By Emma Smith

This is the battle between Sailor Moon and Queen Metalia. Some elements prevailed in this episode. The final battle was well made, Usagis/Sailor Moon’s fighting spirit shined and the friendships and romance was greatly shown in this episode.

Sailor Moon used the Moon Staff coupled with the phrase, “In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!” It was delightful! Seeing the might of the Crystal Tower brought out the theme of hope. Everyone’s prayers contributed to the defeat of Queen Metalia, including Luna and Artemis. Friendship and romance were strongly present in this episode. The animation was good.

Usagi/Sailor Moon’s fighting spirit shone. She was determined to fight and save her loved ones. Her nobility and selflessness was shown when she fought Queen Metalia. Her brooch ended up broken but the power of the Moon clearly had an affect on her. Usagi has grown up a lot. She’s now mature enough to care for others’ well being. For example, she uses Moon Escalation to revive her friends. Also, Mamoru kisses Usagi in an effort to revive her and Usagi is always happy to see him!

All in all, this episode was amazing! At the end there was a group hug! Oh, and we had a few reveals this episode, including Luna’s human form. Usagi was happy on how their fate positively changed.

This episode was good for an adaptation; it was really touching. Every theme was brought back to the forefront of viewers’ minds. Furthermore, we see a moment of bliss for our heroes. The final battle was satisfying, Sailor Moon was finally seen for who she had become and her friendships were stronger than ever! At the end of the episode we see Chibiusa’s first appearance, which can only mean that the Black Moon Arc is next!



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