“Pokémon Re-Orchestrated: Kanto Symphony” will blow your mind!

This album is 78 minutes among 35 tracks of Nostalgia Remastered.

Do you like Pokemon? Orchestrated Music? How about nostalgia? If you answered yes to ANY of those, this is an album for you!

Created by Skotein, an Independent composer, this album takes the classic music presented in Pokemon: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow and presents it in a brand new light, giving it a cinematic feeling that it always deserved.

Covering every song in the game, from Opening Title to Credits, your favorite theme from the first generation is guaranteed to be included in this orchestrated omnibus of epic proportions.

To get a major disclaimer out of the way now, I should say that if you’re expecting a carbon copy of the compositions in game, you will be thrown off as almost every melody takes creative liberties to truly be the hard work of Skotein, and not just a repetition of Jun’ichi Masuda’s compositions created 14 years ago. In the words of Skotein himself

“This is just my interpretation of Pokémon–my emotional experience with Red and Blue / Kanto expressed in cinematic, musical form. I’ve grown over time, and so has my style.”

The entire 35-track, 78-minute album is available on iTunes for only $9.99 and each track is available individually for $.99, but trust me, you’re going to want the entire album.

My top 5 personal favorite tracks in order of appearance:

1.)    Red and Blue (Opening) – It starts off a bit slow only to crescendo into an amazing beginning.

2.)    Mt. Moon – Going through a wide variety of themes, this song captures the eeriness perfectly.

3.)    Pokemon Mansion­ – Sweet Arceus, I was not expecting this track to be done so well. Woah.

4.)    Present Your Badges (Indigo Plateau) – My personal favorite song from the game done perfectly.

5.)    The Final Showdown! VS Champion Rival – The final battle given more emotion than ever before.

Honorable Mention to: Oak Research which happens to contain a little 20 second jazz homage to the theme of a certain other “Oak”…one often given the title of “Mother ****ing”

This list was very hard to make, due to every track in the album being very enjoyable.

If you have no money but still want to listen to this amazing work of art, there are several free previews on the official Youtube channel, official website, and Facebook Page. But you probably want the entire album (what do I mean “probably”, OF COURSE YOU DO!) well have no fear, good news is here:


To my knowledge, there is no already-determined date, but the announcement was made way back during Pre-Production of the album that the entirety of it will be available online for free, but we can only assume it will be a little while, as it just came out so he wants to try making SOME money off it.

Now, if you’ve got $10, go buy the album. Go! Do it! Drop everything you’re doing and buy it! You won’t regret this purchase! Leave a comment below letting us know what you think!

Click here to listen to the preview

Click here to buy the Entire Album or the Individual Tracks

On one final note, if Kanto Symphony does well enough, there will be a “Johto Symphony”, “Hoenn Symphony”, “Sinnoh Symphony” and eventually even a “Unova Symphony”.

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