News/Rumor: No more Who on Netflix?

Netflix has decided to pull the plug on many of our favorite shows from across the pond. “Why”, you ask? Well according to “The Mary Sue” and other sources it’s because the contract is expiring. Netflix is probably doing the same thing that happened with TWC and CBS. It’s a power play, more than likely, this fiasco won’t last for long. After all, if Netflix took away BBC shows, a good portion of their subscribers would cancel their service, in a heartbeat.

I know I would hate it if Netflix pulled the plug on Doctor Who, and Torchwood. I want them to add more Who. Give me the classics! Not just Eccleston til Smith, give me Pertwee and Baker and more!

Anyways, for now we will wait and see if we still have our shows from our friends across the pond.

Source: The Mary Sue


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