News: Xbox One Used Game Policy!


When the Xbox one appeared, one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is “what about the used games?” So we did a little digging and the stuff we found just made the Xbox One such a disappointment.

So here’s the two things you need to know:

1) Microsoft will be charging you a fee to install used games on your Xbox One

2) Fee as we know is currently unknown but sources are saying that it will be above $30

3) Microsoft has given retailers the freedom to charge whatever amount for the used games.

You can see one of the sources here on gamatsu:


Here’s what Microsoft had to say:

“The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox,” the company said. “Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.”

So what do you think? Is Xbox One going to far with these charges for used games? Leave a comment below and for more news on the Xbox One, subscribe to our site!

One comment

  1. TahkasheTahkashe

    That’s either a direct attack to retailers or a stupid way to show confidence in that no one will trade their games in to begin with so why not.
    Either way the decision is kind of boneheaded.