News: Wii Network is coming to an end

Written By Trentyn “Neji” Taylor


We interrupt normal business to tell you a bit of bad news. Wii and Nintendo as a whole would like to thank the loyal gamers for their continued patronage. The portion of the network for service that will be disconnected is set to go offline on June 27, 2013. That section of Nintendo’s airspace will be occupied by Wii U, so truthfully, there’s no point for the Wii content to remain. Yet, they still apologize to the current users of the network.

Here’s a list of affected networks:

· Forecast Channel
· News Channel
· Everybody Votes Channel
· Nintendo Channel
· Check Mii Out Channel
· Data exchange between Wii friends on WiiConnect24


Likewise, Wii Message Board, exchanges via Mii Channels, and messaging/data to service certain game titles will be taken off line. Services besides those mentioned above, such as the automatic ‘Today’s Accomplishments’ notification on Wii Message, as well as the Wii Shop Channel will be up for the time being.
Nintendo essentially tells us that, ” hey – if you still want to use services like Wii Number and so forth – just get a Wii U – you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.”

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