News: We’ll visit Arkham again this year!


The Dark Knight trilogy has already ended in theaters, but does that mean that the games are done too? NOPE!

Earlier this week, Chief Financial Officer: John K. Martin has announced to their investors (or what we believe was an announcement) that there is going to be a new entry to the Batman franchise for their home entertainment division.

John Martin stated: “[We] have a strong games release this year 2013, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise”


At the moment, there are no announcements regarding any new Batman series, to be honest it might be a huge DLC, but with E3 on the horizon, Warner Bros. might have something up their sleeve.

Right now all rumors are pointed towards a Silver Aged Batman game, but if you we’re there during Spike TV’s video game award then you would remember the time where joker presented the script for Arkham world “accidentally”.


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