News: Warner Bros. To make Arkham Series into animated movie

The Arkham series has been one of the best, if not, the best Batman game series of all time. Now that the series has gained a huge success in the consoles, DC and Warner plan to take the initiative and release it as an animated movie.


Jay Olivia, Director of the New Arkham movie, told The Hollywood Reporter that Warner plans a continuous universe in DC by creating original content and hopefully diving into the New 52 universe.

At the moment Olivia is currently working on the new Batman title called Batman: Assault on Arkham . Troy Baker, the current voice of The Joker and Nolan North, voice of The Penguin will reprise their role in the new Warner DC movie, and no mention as to who will be the voice of the Caped Crusader himself yet.

No mention if a release date was mentioned about the up coming new Batman movie just yet.

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